Sweet Baby Boy

Well I did it. Finally gave in to the blog world. After following a few blogs for the past few years… and a few requests from friends to keep in touch, here we are 🙂 And this will be a good way to capture our growing family in the years to come. Our life has taken a turn for the exciting to say the least. We welcomed our perfect baby boy, Mitchell Stephen Martin. He is so sweet, and I am absolutely in love. I have been enjoying every minute with him, savoring my time before I go back to work. (For which I am also excited, but very torn!) It is hard to believe he is three weeks old already, and we are coming up on a month! 

This month we have:

– Been video chatting Daddy lots and lots in Afghanistan and started counting the days down until he comes home. It is the best to wake up to his messages or Skype calls! We miss him LOTS.
– Been sleeping through the night! Except for a bottle or two. Much to Mommy’s delight 🙂 He is snoring away on my chest as I type… My favorite place for him to sleep by far. 
– Met all four grandparents… So blessed they traveled out here to meet our baby boy. 
– Spending lots of time on the beach at Grandma and Grandpa’s new condo! I think we can officially call Mitchell a beach bum. Zoe has been enjoying the beach too. 
– Still wearing newborn clothes (which we had to buy after he was born because we were expecting a much bigger baby)! They are starting to get a little snug though and we’ll be in those adorable 0-3 month outfits soon. Lord knows Mommy bought enough while she was pregnant!
– Gaining weight like a champ. He weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces when he was born (21 inches), and was 9 pounds 2 ounces at his two week appointment! Hungry boy has gone from eating a half ounce when he was born to five whole ounces! 
– Enrolled in day care 😦 😦 My little boy is growing up so fast! Although, as much as I wish Grandma was here to watch him all the time, I will say I toured the day care and felt so much better after seeing how wonderful they were with the children and met the teachers. I will probably still cry though on his first day 😉
– LOVED our first bath, just laid there looking completely content in the tub the whole time. And smelled like that wonderful baby smell when we were done 🙂
– Taking TONS of pictures! 

Here is to the new blog, and hopefully I will catch on quickly and update regularly. Looking forward to our upcoming trip to Kansas to meet lots of friends and family [including Great Grandpa!]. We are so unbelievably blessed! God is so great!

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