Four More Years

It’s official. He’s reenlisted. Four more years in this wonderful, but crazy, life. It’s hard to believe in the last four years we got engaged, got married, I graduated college, moved to North Carolina into our first home, he deployed to Afghanistan twice, I landed (what I think is) my dream job, and we had our beautiful baby boy. I am really starting to realize how fast time flies, and trying to savor every moment with my little family. I can’t wait to see what these next four years hold… Steve starting a new job, finishing my master’s degree, and watching our son grow up to name a few. I could not be more proud of my husband’s accomplishments or more grateful for his dedication to our country or our family.  I was so excited to get so many pictures and videos from him this week, and I will try to limit it to just a few!

While he has been over there, we have been up to a few activities ourselves… Impromptu photoshoots.

Our exhausted little models 🙂

He loved the new activity mat from Grandma B. And he’s starting to learn to bat at the toys too 🙂

Finally met Mommy’s friend Katie today!

And as always, our goofy Zoe.

Lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. Next on the horizon, a trip to Kansas to meet all of Mommy’s family and friends! Wish us luck on the roadtrip. Mitchell is a great car rider, but this will definitely put it to the test! Well, I am sitting here listening to Mitchell and Zoe both snoring, so I am off to join them. Good night!

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