Kansas Trip – Week One

We made it back to the Midwest! I will say 18 hours of driving seems farther with a five-week-old and a 70 pound German Shepherd. Although, I don’t think I could have asked either of them to travel better than they did. Especially Zoe… A couple times after we started driving I panicked and thought maybe we left her at the last gas station! (We didn’t… she was just that quiet in her kennel). We decided at the last minute to leave at midnight, instead of early in the morning, because Mitchell pretty much sleeps through the night. This turned out to be a very good suggestion by my mom, and we were able to drive straight through instead of stopping at a hotel. (There is no way we could have done that if we hadn’t left early). My mom and I split the driving, and we both spent a good amount of time in the backseat with Mitchell. 

Diaper changes on-the-go. 

So far, our Kansas trip has been eventful. We always seem to stay busy, and this has been no exception. By far, my favorite part of the trip has been seeing Mitchell with his great grandpa. His face was filled with absolute joy and happiness when he met Mitchell. He was so proud… stealing the stroller from me so he could show him off to all his friends at his home. After lunch, two days in a row, my grandpa pushed him around the dining hall for everyone to see, introducing him as his great grandson 🙂 He was so excited he forgot to introduce me! I’ve now realized no one cares about seeing me anymore – it’s all about the baby. But he’s so cute, how can I blame them? 🙂

Visit from Aunt Rachel!
A little cranky for Grandma and Grandpa time 🙂 This picture cracks me up.
Mitchell has been a good sport during Mommy and Grandpa’s workouts.
After a two year break, I was able to make it back to do the Summer Games with my dad again! He is the one who taught me how to lift weights, do CrossFit, and watched all my sporting events, so I always look forward to getting my workout partner back. Despite my dad’s sprained ankle (yes, I inherited his clumsy gene in addition to the workout gene), we held our own and had a lot of fun in a really miserable CrossFit kind of way. 
CrossFit Event
Not too bad for a couple of old-timers and just having a baby 🙂

Throwback to a few years ago… definitely realized I have a lot of work to do before I am back in shape. 
Last big event: Sunday morning church and visit with the Gurwell’s! I sure miss Westside Family Church out in North Carolina and look forward to hearing Pastor Dan speak when we make it back to Kansas. Today’s sermon was about serving people, even when you may not want to. He was talking about picking the dirtiest and slimiest job no one wants to do, and then volunteering… I think he was making a reference to Mitchell’s dirty diapers 😉 I love going into church and walking out feeling like the sermon was written just for you (dirty diaper joke aside). And to top it off, Mitchell met about 20 people in the lobby after church! We were supposed to meet our friends in the cafe after the service, but we didn’t make it down the hallway because everyone wanted to meet him! Luckily they found us and followed us back to the house 🙂 Can’t believe how much these two have grown up since I started babysitting them. 
I guess this has turned into more of a photo-blog than a writing-blog, but I love my camera and I can’t stop snapping pics of our boy! We are one week closer to Steve coming home. I could not be more excited to have our family back together. I’ll leave you with a few favorites of our smiley boy from this week 🙂

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