Kansas Trip – Week Two

Highlights of Week Two in Kansas:
Skyping with Daddy. I love their smiles. 

Met lots more new people! Our friends Lindsey and Gavin came over! 

More runs and walks on the trails. I just love getting out in the fresh air with Mitchell & Zoe – I think it’s good for all of us! We’ve had great weather since we got here, and I’m trying to take advantage of every second! Shawnee added in a bunch of new ones since I left. Since when are dog water fountains and purified water filters on jogging trails? I was just hoping for the drinking fountain to be working! Fancy-shmancy!
Another church date with Mommy and brunch with Great Grandpa.

Meeting Mommy’s friend Ellie in Lawrence. We had a shopping date on Mass Street, which I cannot remember the last time I was there. I wasn’t looking, but I stumbled upon a dress for the Marine Corps Ball this year – and for a really good deal too!
Helped Grandma set up her classroom for the year! Well, more like my mom carried him around school showing him off, and then snuggled with him on the couch in her classroom. (In her defense she was still recovering from a root canal). Not to say work didn’t get done… I contributed three jungle-themed bulletin boards to the classroom during their snuggle session.
– Finished my second-to-last semester of classes for school. Only two more left until I graduate in December! I cannot wait to finish school, so I can devote all that extra time to my family. 
My mom treated us to pedicures! We brought Mitchell, but scheduled them back-to-back, so one of us would be free to hold him. They called us up at the same time though. My reaction – heck no, I am going to enjoy this half hour of luxury with no chances of crying! My mom’s reaction – no worries, I’ll hold him! She turned on the massage chair and with the vibrations he went fast asleep. And in true Mrs. Brim fashion, my mom knew half the people in the salon and used it as *SURPRISE* another opportunity to show off her grandson. So that is the story of Mitchell’s first pedicure. 
Snuggle time with “pretend-grandma” Sue across the street. (Or the fudge-lady as Steve calls her. I tell you, this woman makes the most amazing fudge at Christmas, which I generally hoard all to myself!) Mitchell fussed for me all morning, but fell right asleep on her when we went over there. And a shout-out to Sue for sending us the most convenient stroller ever for Mitchell! It’s one of those carseat carrier ones, where you just sit him on top of it and go! I’ve discovered it’s crucial to the success of our shopping trips. 
Homecoming project #1: Made our sign! Another week closer to daddy coming home!!!

As usual, this week’s pictures…
First, that smile melts my heart. Second, I think Mitchell found a new running buddy. About two minutes into the run, Grandpa stole the stroller and away he went. I will say jogging is much more enjoyable when you have that sweet little face looking up at you 🙂 
Mitchell got to meet Aunt Christeen and Uncle Kenny! They came down for lunch, and we went out to lunch at Jose Pepper’s, much to Mommy’s delight! 🙂 I could eat that espinaca every day, all day! 

Sister love! I know Grandma is smiling down on this picture!

That wraps up our second week in Kansas… I’ll leave you with this little gem 😉

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