Four Mitchell’s, Three Guns, and a Birthday Party

We’re wrapping up our visit to Kansas. Tomorrow it’s on to North Carolina again. Sad to leave, but can’t wait to get settled back in at home (only for a few days though, before our next trip)! We have been spending as much time with family as we can. This weekend we had four generations of Mitchell’s together. The family history of the name goes far beyond these guys, but it is pretty amazing to see all of them together, and I was so happy I was able to capture it in a picture. 

On Saturday,  Mitchell spent some quality time with Grandma, while I was out spending quality time with Gramps at a Three Gun Competition.

After the competition was over, it was off to his friend Gavin’s second [Elmo themed] birthday party! This is Mitchell’s second party he was invited to in just two months! Gavin was cracking me up with his dance moves. I can’t wait to see Mitchell’s personality on his second birthday. We’re starting to see just a glimpse of it now with his smiles and giggles 🙂 🙂 Happy Birthday Gavin! 

Only two days until Mitchell is TWO months old! Where does the time go? Be on the look out for a two month blog 🙂

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