Happy Birthday Mrs. Brim

Happy Birthday Mom… one day late. Yes, late. Apparently working full-time and raising a child and taking care of a home can make order and punctuality disappear, while multiplying to-do lists exponentially. Mitchell comes first now, but I know you understand this all-too-well. Because you have spent your entire adult life giving yourself to your family. To Dad, to Colby, and to me. You have sacrificed your time, money, and energy to make our family possible. You have made sure Colby and I have had everything  we could have possibly needed, and so much more. You gave me childhood summers full of swimming and softball tournaments, three years of boarding school and a trip home to see my family every single break, an absolutely perfect wedding and so on, and so on, and so on. You are completely selfless, and you cannot receive enough gratitude or praise for the person you are.

You have blessed your grandson Mitchell with everything a grandmother is for – spoiling him rotten with unconditional love. 

And your high-school sweetheart with a lifetime of faithful love and devotion.

“Then” & “Now”

And you have given Steve and I a beautiful example of twenty-seven years of marriage, and still being madly in love with your better half.

But we are not the only ones who have been blessed by your life 🙂 You have touched the lives of your students, not only with your ability to teach, but with your ability to make every child feel important and special.

The “original” Mrs. Brim… Click for a better view 😉

And you have touched the hearts of children in South Africa with the word of God and your wonderful spirit.

And if you don’t believe me, here are just a few things people have said about how you have changed lives lately…
So blessed to have the best 1st grade teacher around. Thanks Mrs. Brim for loving my kids as much as I do! You’re a gem.   
Shelee, these little people will remember you forever!  
A special birthday for an equally special person! Love and miss you!!!!  
Happy Birthday to an amazing woman!  
You are a great mother and teacher!!  
We are so blessed to have Ally in your class!  
So grateful to have great teachers as yourself! Thank you for all that you do!  
You are so awesome Shelee!!!!!!!   
God blessed you specially to take care of kiddos!!!  
Thank you for being you! You have made such an impact on so many peoples lives.  
You are an amazing teacher! Thank you for touching Quentin’s life!  
Thank You for everything that you did and continue to do!!!!   
To think that I wanted to take my kiddo out of Mrs. Brim’s class when I learned she was not the teacher we had chosen! Thank you Shelee for meeting with me in person all those years ago and changing my mind and my heart! You rock as a teacher and a person!! Love you!  
Happy birthday to one of the best teachers I know!!   
She is obviously loved by all!!    
You are one of the best…I know our kiddos and us the parents will never forget what a wonderful teacher and coach you were here!!!  
Happy Birthday Shelee I hope your day was as great as you are.  
Wow, your students are so lucky to have you looking out for them. Love you!  
And that is why I hope every one of my children is lucky enough to have you in 1st grade. Such an amazing woman!   
What a blessing you are, Shelee.  
Happy birthday to one of our very favorite people! I hope today kicks off your best year yet!  
She is amazing! Hoping we get to have her for the second time in our family! Fingers crossed!  
I love teachers like that!  
So glad that both my kids had her!   
Happy Birthday Shelee! And a big thank you for giving my baby girl such a great start in 1st grade! 
I went to South Africa last summer on a mission trip with Shelee. 
So blessed that both of my boys had her…..Best Teacher Ever!
And for your birthday surprise you were promised, we have been fixing up your beach home getting ready for your summer full of sun, fun, relaxation, and lots of babysitting 😉

I think I can speak for your family, your friends, your students, and everybody else when I say this. Happy Birthday Mom, we love you. You truly deserve a special day. (Even if this is one day late).

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