Welcome Macy Kate!

First there were six, then there were nine!

Last October I remember receiving a text message from my best friend Lindsay, with a picture of her husband Matt holding their brand new daughter Maybree. Talk about an exciting text. Seeing such a beautiful, healthy baby, born into such a wonderful and loving family brings tears to your eyes. I was so, so genuinely happy for them. The very next morning, Kim and I were at the hospital meeting Maybree.

Earlier this week I received the same text, but this time it was from my dear friend Kim, with a picture of her husband Tim holding beautiful little Macy, not even a few hours old! I was so overwhelmed with joy for Tim and Kim, again, it made me want to cry! Over the past few years, we have become so close with their family. Steve considers Tim one of his very best friends, and absolutely loves their “bro-time.” (They love making fire pits in the back yard, drinking beer, and talking about history and philosophy. Kim and I don’t mind because there are always s’mores involved!) Tim was recently deployed to Japan at the same time Steve was in Afghanistan, and I know it was rough on them because they were missing their best buddy, probably almost as much as they missed their wives! It’s such a blessing to see their little family grow by one, and God has truly blessed Macy with an amazing Mommy and Daddy!

So in the midst of this wonderful news, what did I do? Of course, I texted Kim saying I absolutely could not wait to meet Macy. Once Kim was released from the Naval Hospital (where Maybree and Mitchell were born!), Mitchell and I were off to welcome home the third little “M” baby 🙂

I could not believe how tiny and sweet she was. I already love her! Congratulations Kim. She is absolutely perfect 🙂

*** In other news ***

Our living room has been completely over-run by baby gear. 

And I have the best husband on the entire planet. Sunflowers (my favorite) and roses for our anniversary! I love you!

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