Three Months Old

Here is a recap of our little guy’s progress this month! 

Mitchell is definitely his father’s child… Steve (who is a thin/lean 6’3”) can eat like a champ. He has a vested interest in what I order when we are out to eat, because he counts on eating what I don’t finish. And Mitchell was following right in his father’s footsteps. But somewhere between Month 2 and Month 3, Mitchell’s appetite has decreased!! This is a good thing, though. Chunky monkey was pounding an eight ounce bottle every two hours for awhile. Not only am I convinced he was single-handedly trying to break the bank with an eight-month old’s appetite, but the doctor was telling me he shouldn’t be eating that much either! He is back down to a healthy six ounces every 3-4 hours. My secret: an ounce of rice cereal each bottle. It’s not a lot, but enough to suppress the excessive eating. Thank you Lindsay for dropping off Maybree’s leftover rice cereal. I tried it on that desperate night (when he was waking up hungry every two hours) and finally got my first full night’s sleep since he was born. Hallelujah!

He has discovered how to grab things. It is so cute to see his little fists around his blankets or his toys. Except when it’s his fists around my hair. Then it’s not cute. Especially when he’s got a chunk of hair in both hands. Now I understand the purpose of the “mom-cut.” But don’t worry, I’m not thinking about cutting my hair just yet 🙂

He has discovered the art of crying. He now knows that if he starts throwing a little tantrum when I put him down, he’ll get picked up. Nothing is wrong. He just wants to be held and snuggled ❤

We have graduated from the world of spit-up to the world of drool. Not that he was much of a spit-upper, but he had his moments. At least it’s easier to mask the shoulder stains on my clothes while I am out in public now!

It’s official, Mitchell has his first babysitter! This was something I stressed about, and prayed about, even while I was pregnant. Neither of our schedules is conducive to traditional day care, so we needed a solution that was extremely flexible and a good environment for our child. I remember wondering if this combination even existed. But, it did, and we found the answer to our prayers! A co-worker’s wife, who is all-too-familiar with crazy schedules, has been keeping Mitchell. Not only does she have the energy and mommy-talent to keep up with her own two, four, and five year olds, she has added Mitchell to the mix! She has made it such an easy transition for me. When I show up in the wee hours of the morning (sometimes 3 am!), she has him bathed, in his pajamas, asleep in his carseat, all tucked in, ready for me when I am exhausted after a long day. He sleeps all the way home, I stick him in his crib, and he’s asleep until morning! Lucky mommy!

Still waiting on his first “roll-over.” You can tell he’s trying, but that pot belly just seems to be in the way. In his defense, however, we had several serious conversations about how he was not allowed to roll over until daddy is home. So I think he’s just waiting for that 😉 He’s not a big fan of tummy time, but he can push himself up with his arms and hold his head up! Proud mommy over here 🙂

Last month, Mitchell started smiling when he heard my voice. Now, when we listen to music, he smiles too! It is such a wonderful thing to see him learning and enjoying things. But this also came with a wake-up call. He’s listening to me speak, and he’s listening to the music I play. Not that I was listening to “bad” music (I’ve always been partial to country and K-Love so that is what plays most of the time anyway), but I realized how careful I need to be about what he is hearing! Being around my husband and seeing how caring, loving and patient he is has always made me want to be a better person. Now, having Mitchell looking up to me has made me want this even more so! I didn’t think we’d be listening to the sing-a-long music just yet, but a few weeks ago I found myself stocking up my iTunes with VBS music! And, yes, I have found myself singing Jesus Loves the Little Children and Father Abraham at work. But when we have our impromptu music time during the day, he is so joyful, and I know he is receiving the message I want him to hear (even if he doesn’t know it yet). 

Our little conversations melt my heart ❤ He has discovered his voice, and sometimes will babble on and on. And when I talk back to him, he just smiles and keeps going. I wonder what is going on in that cute, round little head of his!
We broke out the Exersaucer. He is still working on figuring it out, but is still LOVING the activity mat from Grandma Brim. He was completely attentive, giggling and kicking away for an hour and a half once. I can’t believe he spent that long not eating or falling asleep, let alone engaged in a toy! Oh, and that kicking, he has discovered he likes to do that during diaper changes… making them not quite as easy anymore 🙂

He has been in his crib since he was about three weeks old, but we have now established a bed-time. This was something I have been wanting to do for awhile, but with all our trips and Mitchell’s unpredictable appetite, it just hadn’t happened. Now that we are settled in at home, he is generally asleep between 7:30 and 8:30 (depending on his last bottle). With the exception of a quick bottle in the night, he sleeps until about 7:00 am. (And sometimes he’ll go back down until 10 am after another bottle!). I am happy we did this before Steve got home, so we can enjoy some mommy and daddy time in the evening, even if our exciting nights consist of dinner on the couch and Big Bang Theory reruns 🙂

That’s all for Month #3… I have a feeling Month #4 is going to be the best yet because he gets to meet Daddy!!!

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