Beach Getaway

This weekend our family enjoyed a much-needed getaway to Topsail Island! We didn’t have anything to do except enjoy each other’s company. After a long deployment, Steve needed some relaxation and we all needed some family time!
I love my red-headed boys 🙂
I got to enjoy the last few rays of sunshine on the beach (yes, it is still warm enough to swim and tan in North Carolina!).
We ate enchiladas out on the deck, while Mitchell enjoyed his bottle in the swing. Oh, and Zoe did her usual begging. 
I spy with my little eye… a sleepy baby and a very pathetic German Shepherd 😉
Zoe was more than excited for our post-dinner walk on the beach. Hurry up guys!

Mitchell was awake and excited too! 
Daddy carried him in the backpack.
It took about five minutes of our walk on Topsail Beach… 

… and Mitchell was zonked out. 

We made our way up to New River Inlet. 
And after several failed attempts at a family picture…
A very nice family visiting their Marine 
volunteered to take one for us!

We finished the night talking and laughing and laughing some more over a bottle of champagne (and a bottle of formula for Mitchell!) on the deck. Mitchell eventually fell asleep, the sun went down, and we remembered it was fall when the cool beach breeze set in. 
We retreated inside, popped a bowl of popcorn, snuggled up our favorite little whale-butt, and settled in for a movie date with Steve’s pick – Wreck It Ralph!
But now our week of relaxation and family time is over. Back to the real world with two full-time jobs,  school for me, and being mommy and daddy to our wonderful little peanut of a boy. Wish us luck!
*** In other news ***
You really know your hubby is home when the protein shaker shows up on the bottle dryer 😉

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