New Addition

Presenting the latest addition to the Martin Family!

A little family history…
I never thought we’d turn into my parents… 
But here we are, turning into my parents.

Brim Family Circa 1991-2005

Proud owners of a Toyota Tacoma. Zero miles.

Proud owners of a Jeep Wrangler.

And proud owners of a Ford Explorer.

Martin Family Circa 2013

Proud owners of [the same] Toyota Tacoma… 
265,000 miles and memories later.

Proud owners of a Jeep Wrangler.

Very excited and proud new owners of a Ford Explorer!

As you can see, the truck has had a lot of history in our family. At 12, it took me to countless hockey practices and softball games. It was the vehicle I learned to drive when I was 13 in the Mill Valley High School parking lot. And the truck I drove around town when I got my permit at age 14. At 15, it took me to a tiny little town in the New Hampshire mountains, where my dad would leave me at boarding school to meet my husband-to-be. At 16, it was unofficially mine and I had the ultimate freedom of driving in my very first truck. When I turned 18, the truck and I were off to Connecticut College for another new adventure. And when I married at 21, my dad officially turned the keys over to Steve and I, saying, “Would it be too much of a hint if I left a couple carseats in the back for you guys to get you started?” (We waited a couple years dad, but the time has come.) It has taken us everywhere during our first three years of marriage. I have driven this truck to 33 states and two countries. Granted, the second country was Canada, only because my dad took a wrong turn in Maine and we were only there for a minute, but it has taken us everywhere.

While we absolutely love our truck, we have been feeling a little cramped with the addition of a baby to our family. I mean, picture this. Our trip to the beach last week – Steve driving, I’m riding shotgun with the seat all the way forward and knees on the dashboard to accommodate Mitchell’s carseat on the small bench seat behind us. Three bags full of clothes for the weekend crammed in the cab. Stroller in the bed of the truck. Oh, and did I mention, a giant German Shepherd, happy as can be, squeezed behind Steve’s seat with her head hanging out the window? 

So, for the third time, here we are with the same make and model vehicle as my parents. I guess turning out like them isn’t the worst thing that could happen 😉 Just kidding, my parents are amazing people and I can only hope we really do follow in their footsteps. 

We are so excited for our new vehicle and all its space! Three rows of seats! An actual door for the backseat to get Mitchell in and out! Anti-lock-yourself-out feature! Heated seats! A whole area for Zoe! (And her dog hair won’t get up front!) She has already claimed her spot. 

But most importantly, I can’t wait for all the memories we will be making as a family in this vehicle. First big one – a trip to Pennsylvania to attend our best friend’s daughter’s first birthday party next week! Don’t worry though – the truck isn’t going anywhere. It’s still got many years and miles to go before we break 300,000. Just not as our primary vehicle anymore!

8 thoughts on “New Addition

  1. Snazzy new ride!!
    We are in the process of finding our first “real” family vehicle. It's been a bittersweet process, but I can't wait until we find just the right car for all of our needs.


  2. What a small world. You just stopped by my blog. So I come to visit yours and what do I find?? My HIGH SCHOOL listed in your post. New follower for sure… I just can't pass up that crazy fact. I grew up in Shawnee from 2001 to 2010 when I moved out with my husband. Class of 2008, what what. Anyway.. I'm a fan, obviously.

    Plus it is super cool that y'all are following in your parents footsteps!


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