Happy Fall Y’all

Lately, I’ve been getting the itch to add “fall touches” around the house. It started with random baby pumpkins throughout the living room, and spiraled out of control from there. (And my enthusiasm for fall doesn’t even compare to my Christmas enthusiasm. Stand by to be impressed in December.) Adding a baby to the mix just makes me want to make sure we don’t skip out on any traditions that may become wonderful memories for Mitchell (or us!).

So what have we been up to since the start of fall?

Pumpkin Picking

[Just kidding… after four rainy days and a failed attempt 
today (apparently they’re closed Monday’s), we resorted to 
Home Depot for this year’s pumpkins.]

Hockey Watching

Wagon Building

Home Cooking

Fall Crafts

And lots of Family Time!

Maybe Mitchell won’t remember his first fall, but he’ll have these pictures to look back on and see how happy it made us to share these memories with him. But until he is able to throw his little three-year old self carelessly into a giant pile of yellow and orange leaves, I’ll stick to crunching them with the stroller wheels for him on our evening family walks. Happy Fall Y’all!

2 thoughts on “Happy Fall Y’all

  1. (I tried replying to your comment on my blog through email, but it looks like you're set to no-reply, so you probably won't get it… so I'll post it here too!)

    Hi! And thanks for following… I followed you back! 🙂

    Thanks so much. What part of KC are you from? Which branch is your husband in? It's so nice to “meet” you!


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