A Friend’s Homecoming Story

This week I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a homecoming for a very good friend! I am not a photographer, nor do I pretend to be. I love taking pictures of Mitchell, but I had never had the pressure of taking pictures of a homecoming. That’s a moment you can’t recreate! What if I missed the best part??? But I suppose getting better at photography will only come with practice. And I truly enjoy it, especially when it’s for my friends! 
 Amberli was my deployment buddy during their first deployment, over two years ago. I don’t know how many hours we spent Facebook chatting, venting to each other before the boys finally returned home and we moved into the same neighborhood! She is definitely an amazing person, currently working full-time and going to college full-time! [I know from experience this is not an easy task]. Her hubby is definitely one lucky guy! 
Of course, gotta decorate the house!

 Welcome home 2/8! Thank you for your service!
Her beautiful mother and adorable little brother were there for the homecoming! And Amberli getting the text message updates as those white buses got closer and closer. But never fast enough!
Waiting…. and waiting…. and waiting. 
He was getting so close!
 Exchanging her very last text messages with her husband before the buses rolled in! Probably something like, “Tell that bus driver to put the pedal to the metal!” 😉
 Just keeping themselves entertained with some family 
selfies before they showed up!

The bags showed up about ten minutes before the buses. We thought the 
buses were right behind, but it was a false alarm.

 But a few minutes later, they were there! And the Marines were
 off the buses ready to reunite with their families!
 They finally spotted him!
And as if the seven months had never passed… the first hug ❤
 And the first kiss 🙂
 And then he was gone. Off to the armory. He was trying to turn that weapon in as fast as he could so he could finally go home! Amberli tried to expedite this process by finding his bags for him. But when there are 200 identical bags all in a pile, it’s not an easy task. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right?
How cute are they? 
 Finally reunited! Her first request? Shave that deployment mustache! Somehow the guys think it’s a good idea to grow those things while they’re deployed – Steve included. And all the wives are less than impressed with the new facial hair – myself included 😉 His first request? Hardee’s. Some things never change. 
And that’s a good thing in my book. 

Enjoy your time with your hubby Amberli! You deserve it!

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