Four Months Old

This boy has 100% stolen my heart. This past month of having Mitchell and the hubby home have been absolutely amazing. What has our little stinker accomplished in the last month?
 No “big” milestones. Still waiting for the rolling over, crawling, etc. He has figured out his exersaucer though – jumping around and playing with the toys! He grabs his stroller toys now, and last night, he was even holding his bottle all by himself! No assistance from the blankets or mommy! (It only lasted for about 20 seconds, but holy cow, was I proud!)
Bonding with daddy! It is unreal how much they are alike. With my long hours at work, they have been spending lots of time together at home! My favorite Mitchell story this month – I came home on my lunch break to say a quick hello to my boys. The first thing I hear from Steve when I come through the door is, “Mitchell peed on me.” He won’t share the story, so I will. Apparently, he had Mitchell on the changing table, but realized the diaper genie was full after the diaper change. So while he was bent over switching out the bag, it started raining. Inside. So much that he found it necessary to take a mid-afternoon shower. He made the mistake of leaving him diaperless for just a little too long. Oh, the joys of being a parent 🙂 I sent this picture below to my friend Lindsay, and she said it was a “Steve” face. And it’s so true. They are two peas in a pod, and I can’t wait to see their daddy-son relationship grow over time!

Despite the diaper incident, last night, after working 13.5 hours, I came home to hold Mitchell and give my husband a break. And he still didn’t want to give him up! And once he finally did, I had to fight Uncle Tim for him! Between his daddy, grandpa’s, and family friends, I feel so blessed that Mitchell will have so many positive male role models in his life. I think that’s so important for a boy! 

Our little guy has become such a ham. He grins and smiles and talks right back to you when you start a conversation. Our four month doctor appointment is this week, and I can’t wait to get his new stats! A rough home estimate put him at 18.5 pounds at three months. He’s a chunky little boy! I love those baby blue eyes, and I really hope they stay that way. 

This is the face he made when I told him Grandma and Grandpa Martin, and Grandma Brim are coming to visit him this month! He’s so excited! 

*** One more thing. ***
We also tried our first baby food! Applesauce. Just a little taste test to see what we were in for in the months to come. At first he wasn’t too sure about it, but after a few seconds on his tongue with a confused look, he’d get a grin as if to say, “What in the world was that?!” I guess after being restricted to boring formula for your whole life tasting something new is pretty surprising!

Stay tuned for Month Five 🙂

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