Free Babysitting & Date Nights

As mentioned in my last post, Grandma Brim is in town! We are so excited to have her here and Mitchell is blessed to have four wonderful grandparents! Steve and I took full advantage of her free babysitting, and took the opportunity to catch on some overdue dating! While we have been enjoying our usual “staying in,” watching hockey on the couch and playing with our boy, it was also great to enjoy our time – just the two of us! Mitchell is such an amazing blessing to our family, and as much as we both miss him (even if we’re just gone an hour!), we also know we need some “us” time too every once in awhile!

Steve and I are fortunate because we share many of the same hobbies. Playing Sunday afternoon hockey together was one of our favorite dates during our high school years. We both love shooting guns, and working out at the gym. [Recently we’ve been having a ton of fun rock climbing at the brand new gym on Camp Lejeune!] Okay, maybe I don’t have the girliest hobbies,  but Steve doesn’t mind because I have fun doing the things he loves! And I still find time for my typical girl activities – shopping, Grey’s Anatomy, arts & crafts, and photography… 

So here is a little recap of all of our dates!

Shooting Date


Hockey Date

 I completely failed to take any pictures of this date 😦

But here is a throwback to us… eight years ago… we spend a lot of Sunday afternoons on that rink!

Dinner & Movie Date
This date was also a mini-celebration of [almost] finishing my thesis for my Master’s Degree! I finished the final chapter just before we left the house. All that’s left to do is edit! Can’t wait to graduate in December! Thanks to the 2nd Battalion 8th Marines Operation Homecoming Project, we were given a Texas Roadhouse giftcard to enjoy! Added with our Halloween treat from Grandma & Grandpa Brim we had a FREE DATE! Woohoo for giftcard hoarding! First, we ate a delicious dinner. Texas Roadhouse seriously has the best dinner rolls. Then, we were off to see Ender’s Game on the Big D! This is one of Steve’s all-time favorite books, and he made me read it when we first started dating. (I actually liked it too, even though science fiction isn’t usually my pick…) We don’t go see movies at the theater too often anymore (it’s just so dang expensive!), but this was definitely a good one to see on the big screen!  

We are sad to see Grandma Brim head back to Kansas tomorrow. But coming soon: Steve and Mitchell are taking a boys-only trip to New Hampshire… which gives me some alone time for the first time in a long time! I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing! And then a trip for all of us to Kansas. I sure do love our crazy life… but it definitely is crazy!

2 thoughts on “Free Babysitting & Date Nights

  1. Grandparent visits are THE best. And, date nights/date days are a close second to those visits. 🙂
    I'm dying to have a date afternoon at Sky Zone. Do you have one of those near you? It's one big trampoline-fest, and often there are “adult only” hours.!


  2. We don't have a Sky Zone… But I think I'll trade the beach for that anyway 🙂 I know they got one in Shawnee though! I want to go to some country concerts this summer! I was so jealous when I saw y'all went to the Zac Brown Band! 🙂


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