November Travels – New Hampshire and Kansas

Whew, we made it home. And almost made it through the crazy month of November. Our little traveler  took six flights and drove over 1000 miles this month. And it’s only November 20th!

New Hampshire
The first big event this month was a boys-only trip to New Hamsphire. Yes, that’s right, Steve took Mitchell away for a whole week! I enjoyed the first day of relaxation, and after that I was ready to have them back 🙂 But they had a great trip and some quality bonding time, so I sucked it up and kept myself occupied cleaning, working, rearranging furniture, taking pictures, playing softball, and procrastinating homework. 
Steve spoke at our high school, Holderness School, for Veteran’s Day. He gave his speech in the very chapel we were married in over three years ago… time flies! I wish I could have been there, but I read his speech beforehand, and he had a really great message to share. My friend Lindsay’s husband Matt also spoke at a Veteran’s Day event in Pennsylvania. I am so proud of our husbands, and how they are only in their early twenties, but already a part of history, earned such life experience serving their country, and that they have an important perspective and message to share that people genuinely want to listen to. Below is Steve and Mr. Peck, the head master of Holderness School, and the flag Steve gave the school that was flown in Afghanistan. It even made the Holderness Picture of the Day!
Kansas – Family and Birthdays

Our whirlwind trip to Kansas last weekend was a success! November 14th is a special day in the Brim family… It is Grandpa Brim’s and Great Grandpa Brim’s birthdays! How cool would it be to share a birthday with your son? (Sorry, honey I tried… Mitchell missed it by 19 days). Anyways, Grandpa Brim turned the big 5-0 (er, I mean 3-0)… And Great Grandpa Brim is 91! What an occasion to celebrate! We missed the actual birthday by one day, showing up in Kansas on November 15th. I told my grandfather all week to be on the lookout for his birthday surprise one day late… but he didn’t suspect at all what was in store 🙂

When Mitchell and I said our goodbyes to my grandfather in August, I said, “we’ll see you soon,” not really knowing if that was true at all. When this trip popped up on our calendar last minute, I was so happy we would be able to visit him again! Friday night my parents scheduled a birthday dinner at the Hereford House for a delicious steak dinner. My grandfather patiently awaited my dad to pick him up outside his home, only to see Steve, Mitchell, and I drive up! I told my dad I didn’t want to give him a heart attack, I mean after all it was his 91st birthday, but we were greeted with a youthful, surprised, and joyful smile.

I love family and I love family dinners. I was hoping we would have a chance to sit down with everyone and eat a meal together. We were so blessed to have not one, but three family meals with all six (and a half) of us together. A birthday dinner at Hereford House, burgers on the grill courtesy of Uncle Colby, and an early Thanksgiving thanks to Grandma Brim! (Unfortunately, we won’t be making it back for the holidays). Here’s a self-timer pic to prove it!

I think the birthday presents were a success. We found exactly the right presents for both birthday boys. When my dad saw the Pottery Barn Kids box, he got a really confused look on his face and I knew he was thinking, “what could they have possibly gotten me from that store that I would want?” [Trust me dad, there are lots of things, next year you just might get some Star Wars sheets and a Darth Vader pillow…] Anyway, my space-camp attending, Major Matt Mason collecting, Star Wars watching, constellation app downloading Dad got a very realistic solar system mobile. He was very excited when he realized what it was! He also couldn’t get over the fact that he had a card that said “Happy Birthday Grandpa…” So funny.

And Great Grandpa Brim got the boonie cover he had been asking about for quite some time. And he wore it the rest of the weekend! Needless to say, the birthday boys were pretty pleased with their gifts. 

Technology is amazing. We weren’t able to make it to the family reunion this weekend, but Mitchell was able to make his debut via Skype. Mitchell met his Great Great Great Uncle Kenneth Brim, who is 94 years old. There are five generations between these two guys. What an amazing thing for him to see so many generations of Brim guys. It was a little funny because my dad would hold him up to the computer showing everyone “another Mitchell” – there are a lot in my family… but since everyone was so old and hard of hearing, Mitchell would get upset and cry every time my dad tried to speak up loud enough for people to hear! Skyping was a success though, and we had all four Mitchell’s together again in the Brim household.

“There’s nothing wrong with double-fisting two liters…” That’s why we love you dad.

Hanging out with Uncle Colby.

Kansas – Some Fall Pics
We didn’t have very good leaves at our house this year (they were the skinny tiny ones that are hard to rake and terrible for jumping in). So when I saw the leaves in Grandma and Grandpa’s yard I had to have some pictures!

Grandma and Grandpa Brim jumped in for a few pictures!

The two Mitchell’s ❤ 
What’s that Grandpa? You’re gonna let me shoot all your guns someday?”

 Mommy wanted some too! Open those eyes Mitchell!


Kansas – Three Gun Competition
We shot a Three Gun [or at least tried to shoot]. My dad and my husband are two peas in a pod. 

Kansas – Visiting our Friends

We visited Grandma Brim’s classroom at Prairie Ridge Elementary, and saw all our favorite teachers! Lindsey – we love that baby bump and can’t wait to meet the little princess!

We visited my favorite two kiddos who are aren’t really kids anymore. Caden is talking about football tournaments and girlfriends now… what happened to our endless Cars movie marathons? (Yes, Caden, when you were four you could watch that movie three times in a row and find it equally entertaining every time).

We visited my best friend and maid-of-honor Rachel, and got to catch up with the whole Noland clan! It just so happened Rachel was in town on exactly the same weekend we were! We sat in the same room we used to sit in to cut out pictures of wedding gowns and engagement rings from magazines when we were twelve. Twelve years later, here we are 🙂 Things have changed a little 😉 We love you Rach!

Two flights later, we made it home. Mitchell didn’t seem to mind the delays, passing out in Charlotte, sleeping all the way until the next morning. I love that boy!

I think that wraps up our November travels. Coming soon on the blog… Mitchell’s FIVE month post! And the Marine Corps Ball!

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