Marine Corps Ball

Happy 238th Birthday Marine Corps! I was so excited when we found out (1) they were going to have a ball this year after deployment, (2) it was in Myrtle Beach, (3), Grandma Martin was traveling down to North Carolina to watch our little stinker, (4) I would be able to get off work so we could travel down, stay at the convention center, and have a nice relaxing weekend, and (5) we lucked out with an eighth floor ocean-view room! I realized it was our final ball with 2nd Battalion 8th Marines… Next year we will moving on and I am sure we will be sad to go [even if Steve would never admit it now]!
We left Friday night and checked in to the hotel. Two years ago we might have thought, “it’s only 10:00… time to go out and have some fun!” Now? More like ordering a late pizza and enjoying a full night’s sleeping. And sleeping in! [But since when did our definition of sleeping in become 7:00 in the morning? It sure felt good though…]
Don’t get me wrong though… I missed our little guy. I opened up my purse only to find a little outfit and some formula. Steve thought it was funny, and took it upon himself to take a picture. 
Who says girls are the high maintenance ones? I wore the same dress for the past two balls, so I decided it was time to pick a new one before people started noticing. This year I was ready an hour before Steve! But I guess those dress blues are worth all the prepping when you see how good they look… 
A couple pre-ball snaps… I sure do love my husband 🙂

And then it was off to dinner! Somehow every year we have gone we have managed to get the table farthest from the ceremony and last to get the food! Next year we are going to have to work on this. But nonetheless, the presentation was excellent, the food was delicious, and we had a great time. One of the traditions is to serve the first two pieces of cake to the oldest and youngest Marines in attendance. The youngest Marine was born in 1995. Holy cow, did I feel old. The guest speaker this year went on and on about “Amurrica’s Battalion.” 2/8 has the nickname “America’s Battalion,” and I swear the guest speaker intentionally mispronounced every single time, and found every opportunity to work it into his speech! I wish the boys were counting because it had to be no less than 50.We were cracking up. And in case anyone wants to see this year’s birthday message, here it is.
One of my favorite parts of the night was finding a long-lost friend from high school! Morgan was a few years behind us at Holderness School, and here we all are, meeting up in Myrtle Beach. I love how both Holderness and the Marine Corps seem to bring people together. 
Had to get the annual pic of Stephen and Stephen. Been together since bootcamp!

This year’s party favor was an awesome 2/8 mug. We will definitely get some use out of these. Young took it upon himself to collect a whole bar set.

And then the boys asked for a little photoshoot. Yes, they asked. So who was I to turn down snapping a few pics for them? I am so proud of all of them and the sacrifices they have made to serve our country. They have all definitely given their all and dealt with hardships during their military careers thus far, and it is such a blessing to be able to celebrate their accomplishments with them all together at this event. And you have to admit, they look darn good in those dress blues! They were definitely… enjoying themselves…

Then the Lieutenant wanted to jump in and the pictures got progressively crazier from there…

Sunday morning it was goodbye Myrtle Beach, back to Camp Lejeune, and back to mommy-and-daddy life. It felt like this was our last “hurrah”with 2/8. Or I guess if we’re talking in Marine Corps language, our last “ooh-rah.” I am looking forward to our next chapter, our first PCS as a family, and everything else in store! 

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