Five Months Old

Guess we have been a little busy lately because I’m a week late with Mitchell’s five month post! I have been meaning to take some monthly pictures of him but never got around to it. This morning when I was putting away laundry I gave him a little giraffe toy and he fell asleep holding it. (No it wasn’t staged). Watching him sleeping here was melting my heart, so naturally, I had to grab my camera.

What do I have to say about five months? Drool, drool, and more drool. We probably use his nickname [Stinker] more than his actual name. And lately I’ve found myself just shortening it to [Stink]. At this rate he’ll probably be introducing himself at preschool as [Stinker], but oh well, it stuck and it definitely fits him! He loves hanging out in his exersaucer. He’s learned to really jump around and move, and move the toys so they light up and make noises. He’ll sit in there and watch the TV for quite awhile – right now we are loving some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Netflix Kids!

Mitchell has been fighting his first real cold this month. It’s that time of year. He has been coughing a bit and had some serious congestion. Out of all the things Mitchell hates the most, it’s definitely the aspirator. He hates getting that things stuck up his nose! But it has definitely been necessary lately – much to Mitchell’s dismay. He also doesn’t like being tired, gassy, or having dirty pants. Baby life is sure hard 🙂

Growing, growing, growing! I tried to put on a pair of pants that fit him a week ago, and they were wayyy to small! He is getting stronger, and can sit up relatively well – as long as there is a spotter behind him 😉

He loves blankets, and is always snuggling one or pulling it up to rub his face in it. It is so amazing to see him look at the blanket, pick it up with one hand, switch it to the other, then bring it up and bury his face in it. I know every baby does it, but seeing my own little guy learning and thinking makes me so happy! In Mitchell’s next post, he will be six months! Half a year! Slow down baby boy, you’re growing up too fast!

*** In other news *** 
Grandma Brim fell off a ladder this week and broke both wrists 😦 We can’t wait to give her some get-well snuggles in less than a month!

One thought on “Five Months Old

  1. Have you ever tried the Nosefrida? It works A MILLION TIMES better than any nasal aspirator. It looks weird, but it seriously works. They're $12ish dollars on Amazon.
    Your poor momma. We're thinking of her and sending get-well vibes her way!


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