Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Thanksgiving didn’t really work out for us this year. Grandma and Grandpa Martin were celebrating in California. Grandma and Grandpa Brim were celebrating in Kansas. Myself and Steve had a stomach bug, and poor Mitchell had a bad cold that landed him an appointment in Urgent Care. I worked a 12 hour work shift (sick), and made no effort to cook anything… which was just fine because we wouldn’t have eaten it anyway. Oh well, better luck next year.

So I took all the energy I didn’t spend on Thanksgiving and focused it completely on decorating for Christmas. The weekend after Thanksgiving shaped up to be quite nice. For the first time in months, we had a weekend with nothing to do. It was amazing.

Mitchell and I braved the madness and ventured into town on Black Friday [Steve was still recovering] to pick up a Christmas tree. There’s no Andrews’ Longbranch Christmas Tree Farm out here in North Carolina (everyone in Kansas should go), so we’ve made due with Home Depot trees for the past few years. We shopped in the 7-8′ height range, and ended up with an inch of ceiling clearance to spare [literally, one inch]. Still trying to figure out how to fit the star up there. I LOVE the smell of Christmas trees, and seeing it light up the living room. Some recent rearranging of the living room yielded the perfect corner for the Christmas tree. Why didn’t I figure this out two years ago?!

I can’t wait to start our first Christmas traditions with Mitchell. One Christmas tradition passed on from my family is Great Grandma Brim’s stockings. She sewed them for my family when I was a girl, and my parents gave me mine to keep. My grandmother isn’t here to sew Halloween costumes or Christmas stockings anymore, but her stocking has become the pattern for our family’s Christmas stockings. I am proud to carry on the tradition of the “Betty Brim Stocking.” Steve accompanied to the fabric store (awesome husband award right there) and helped me pick out the fabric! Crazy reindeer for Mitchell and snowmen for Zoe. You can see her original below, and thanks to my [very limited] sewing skills, we now have four stockings [can’t forget the pup!]. I look forward to adding more stockings and Christmas traditions in years to come 🙂 I dream someday of having a beautiful wood burning fireplace and mantle to hang our stockings over, but for now, the bookcase corner will do.

The Christmas Oreo balls tradition that started in the Noland kitchen seven years ago continued tonight,   which Steve was extremely happy about. I love some Christmas baking, but am trying my best to avoid packing on the holiday pounds. I love love love my snowman plate, and for the past three years has been put to use when the Oreo balls hit the kitchen! [Thanks Mrs. Brecunier, it was one of my favorite wedding presents!]

The Christmas spirit doesn’t end inside. The lights are hung outside and shining bright in red, white, and green. I haven’t mustered up the energy to make a full landing strip for the driveway… Steve said I better not though because we might have an Osprey land in our driveway.

And what is a blog post without some Mitchell pictures 😉 Here are a few snaps of our smiling boy lately… who has become quite the roly poly! 

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