Surprising the Hubby

One thing my husband loves to do is watch hockey. More specifically, he loves his San Jose Sharks. Brand new season finale of Grey’s Anatomy on TV? Nope, we’re watching the Sharks. And Mitchell will be snuggled in his crib proudly snuggling his very first Sharks hockey jersey. Steve was able to go to the games with his dad when he was a boy living in San Jose, but he hasn’t been in years. When I saw the game on the schedule against the Carolina Hurricanes, I really wanted him to be able to go.

Here is the hubby representing his Sharks in Afghanistan. 

One great part about marriage is you always have a built-in date. Movie I want to see? I know Steve is going with me. Hockey game? He’s my date. Unfortunately, I had to work for this one, so I couldn’t go to the game. We’re so used to doing everything together, Steve just dismissed the possibility of going and didn’t think anything more of it. Hence, my genius plan. First, I got two tickets. Then I got (our awesome) babysitter in on the plan. Finally, I found one of his friends willing to replace me at the game. It wasn’t hard… the offer was, “free tickets to a hockey game, all you have to do is be my husband’s bro-date and show up at the house after you get off work.” I kept my lips sealed for a week [which was very hard]! I planned on waiting to tell him until it was time to leave for the game, but I found a pretty great opportunity to reveal the surprise, the night before when we were watching the Sharks v. Penguins game. Fitting, right?

His reaction was priceless. He was shocked… had no idea. His original plan was to hang out with Mitchell on the couch and watch the game on TV. He couldn’t believe it, and really couldn’t believe I had found someone for him to go with and childcare so he could have a “night off” daddy-duty. It makes me so happy to see Steve happy, and it almost feels like I am giving myself a present! So without further ado, here are his pictures from the game 🙂 He managed to work his way from the nosebleed section down the the fifth row!

I sure do love my husband 🙂 I was so happy he was able to enjoy a guy’s night out, and that we found a good stand-in person to accompany him to see the game!

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