Santa Claus & Christmas Cards

Christmas Updates…We are thoroughly enjoying our December! Mitchell has officially met Mr. Claus and it went off without a hitch! He jumped right up on his lap [okay, well maybe someone set him there] and was absolutely adorable. No crying and lots of smiles! I consider that a success. 
The Christmas cards are finally in the mail! After waiting for the perfect day to take pictures outdoors with the family… I finally got impatient and decided to go ahead and take them inside. I am convinced Mitchell’s fat little belly and roly-poly thighs made the card 😉 We are sure missing our family photographer [Lindsay] since she moved away! But between the self-timer, tripod, and multiple attempts, I got a family shot worthy of the Christmas card. 

We are so so excited in three days Grandma Brim will be here for Christmas! And shortly after that Grandma and Grandpa Martin from New Hampshire, then Grandpa Brim and Uncle Colby from Kansas will be here. I feel so grownup now having Christmas at our house now… when growing up we always had it at my parents’ house. But [almost all] the presents are under the tree, and the Honeybaked Ham is ordered! [No, I’m not cooking a ham from scratch, for which I am very grateful]. We’re having a “late Christmas” celebration, due to work schedules and travel plans. I feel so blessed our whole family will be together at the same time to celebrate!
Coming up on the blog: Mitchell’s SIX months, Christmas visits, and graduation!

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