Six Months Old

I was on the ball for the first several months, but these last few posts have been late. Guess mommy-hood is getting to me 🙂 Our baby boy turned six months old this week. That’s half a year. Another half a year and he’ll be a year old. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it’s going way too fast! Lately I’ve found myself sneaking him out of his crib when he’s sleeping and bringing him downstairs while we’re watching TV, just to hold him. I love our sweet boy more than he will ever know.

This month has been filled with milestones. He is a roller. He rolls to his stomach with relative ease, but still is figuring out he can roll back. So he gets stuck on his stomach, and after a few minutes of frustrated grunts, starts screaming until you flop him back over. His mad face cracks me up. He’s even managed to do this a few times in the middle of the night… and a couple of times, he just stayed there and we found him sleeping on his stomach in the morning!

Funny story about the rolling… you may have seen the picture I posted where the stinker wiggled his way out of the bouncer. Well he outdid himself a few days later. I put him in his swing, which we now have to strap him into to prevent an escape. I only turned my back for a minute, and looked back to find him folded over the swing on his stomach, feet hanging to the ground, swinging back and forth, laughing like a fool. Apparently he thought he was pretty funny 🙂

We have two teeth! The two bottom front two teeth. I haven’t noticed any discomfort with the teething yet, but he is sure trying to stick anything he can in his mouth. His personal favorites are his fingers, dish towels, and blankets. He’s eating baby food nearly everyday (sometimes we just get busy or lazy), but we have discovered his favorites are: pears, squash, and mixed vegetables.

Our boy can SLEEP! Just like his daddy. He’s in bed between 6:30 and 8:00 pm now, depending on our day. He’ll generally sleeping until 8:00 to 10:00 am now, all you have to do is give him a bottle in the night, and he’s right back to sleep. [Which he can now hold!] Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, he’s just laughing and talking to himself in his crib 🙂

He had his six month doctor’s visit, and in case there was any doubt, our big boy is still big. He measured 28 inches and 21.6 pounds! 95th percentile for height and weight!

Tomorrow we celebrate his very first Christmas. I have a feeling he is going to be a pretty spoiled baby 😉

*** In other news ***

Mitchell and I rooted on Steve in the 2/8 Winter Olympics this year. He pulled out those old soccer cleats from high school for the festivities. Fox Company fought hard but lost in a heartbreaking shootout in the championship game. My favorite part of the tournament was hearing them yell, “What does the fox say?” [for Fox Company] on the megaphone every time they scored a goal. So funny.

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