Merry Christmas

We celebrated a late North Carolina Christmas. Grandma Brim arrived early, flying in on December 21st. The rest of the gang – Grandpa Brim, Uncle Colby, and Grandma and Grandpa Martin, road-tripped down, arriving on December 27th. Our late Christmas was right on schedule. Santa didn’t fail to fill the stockings on Christmas though, and Mitchell woke up to his first Christmas morning treats. His stocking was complete with a homemade blanket, pacifiers, and his first set of hearing protection. I think it’s time to go shooting now, what do you think?

Our best attempt at our family of four in front of the tree on Christmas morning. We’ll work on Mitchell and Zoe looking at the camera next year…

Friday night we went to see the lights and eat dinner at Mike’s Farm. Yum, yum, yum. I can’t believe it took us three years to see what the hype was all about, but this was our second trip this year and it definitely won’t be our last! It was a chilly, but wonderful, family night. The first time we had both sides of the family together [with Steve home] for a long time. And the first time since Mitchell was born.

Saturday the 28th I declared Christmas. By the time Grandma and Grandpa Martin arrived, the living room was out of control with presents.

Family pic – a tennis ball was the only way we could get Zoe to be in the picture!

We cooked a delicious Christmas dinner, with ham as the main dish.

We traded presents all the way around. Colby and Steve traded first – and they both got each other new knives. (Unintentionally). These came in handy during the unwrapping process. They also got “reinbeers,” which they enjoyed over the fire pit later in the night. It was not surprise Mitchell was spoiled rotten for his first Christmas. Among his gifts were a “big-boy” carseat, stuffed moose and stuffed elephant, police station toy, books, baby piano, army men, Baby Bullet (yay homemade baby food!), cowboy boots, and new Converse! Zoe also got a giant candy cane, which she could not figure out how to eat. She started nibbling on it today though, and I am sure it will be gone in no time.

After the Christmas festivities died down and the living room was full of wrapping paper and boxes, we had a fire pit in the back yard with a game of corn hole. Somehow the “kids” ended up around the fire pit and the adults played corn hole. Martin’s beat the Brim’s. Better luck next year Mom and Dad.

It doesn’t get any better than being married to this guy. I love you more than anything in the whole world honey 🙂 Thanks for always being on my side.

Sunday we all recovered from Christmas festivities. Our destroyed house was somewhat salvaged from mountains of wrapping paper, boxes, and dirty dishes. We all relaxed and caught up on sleep.

Coming up on the blog: a New Year’s Post and Mitchell’s 7 Months!

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