2013 Recap

2013 has been quite the year. It’s had its ups and downs. Mostly ups though.


We started off January finding out we had a baby boy on the way.


In February, we celebrated Valentine’s on February 14th when I was 14 weeks pregnant (no bump). The next day Steve left for a 6 week training trip to California, which was to get him ready for his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. My mom threw me a baby shower in Kansas. It was a little early, but it was the only weekend I could travel back and I wanted to see my grandmother with her declining health.


When Steve came home in late March, I was 20 weeks pregnant (big bump).


April was a rough month. My grandmother passed away and we traveled back to Kansas for the funeral. It was quite the roadtrip, seven months pregnant and Zoe in the backseat. After we made it back to North Carolina, we went to our friend CJ’s wedding. Then, before I knew it those white buses rolled up and stole my husband for a deployment to Afghanistan. Yuck.


I spent May throwing myself into work and school, trying not to miss Steve too much. My friends Lindsay and Kim threw me a wonderful baby shower. Kim and I were both pregnant with deployed husbands, and we were all living in the same neighborhood. So the three of us started walking almost every night with the Maybree, two dogs, and two baby bellies. I was convinced six mile walks would make Mitchell arrive early. It didn’t work. I also traveled to Boston and watched my dear friend Robin marry into the military – Coast Guard style. 


In June my parents bought a condo on the beach in North Carolina! My mom moved out to NC for the summer, and needless to say we spent a lot of time on the beach. Steve missed his birthday, but communication was much better than last deployment and we wished him a happy birthday via Skype. On the 20th at 2:00 in the morning, my water broke and we were off to the hospital to meet Baby Mitchell! At 13:01, he made his entrance into this world, and my heart has been stolen ever since.


Grandma and Grandpa Martin traveled down at the beginning of July to meet their first grandson. We celebrated Fourth of July and Grandpa Martin’s birthday on the beach. Steve reenlisted in the Marine Corps for four more years. Our walking club added another stroller to the mix. But then, my best friend Lindsay moved away, starting the chain of EAS’s and PCS’s that would happen over the next year.


Mitchell and I traveled back to Kansas in August to spend the month back home. We spent a lot of time with Great Grandpa Brim, and met lots of people in Kansas. Mitchell and I also went to Martha’s Vineyard to visit Steve’s parents. After our visit, we came back to North Carolina. Mitchell started day care and I went back to work.


It was a toss up between Mitchell’s birth and Steve’ s homecoming for the best moment of 2013. In September, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary, half a world between us. Lindsay traveled down from Pennsylvania for a visit. We met Kim’s new arrival, Baby Macy. Before I knew it, those white buses were back with my husband, ready to meet his son for the very first time. I literally cried tears of joy. Also, Kim moved away. Two of my best friends who had been there from the start of our Marine Corps life were gone. But I was still on cloud nine from homecoming, making the hard goodbyes a little bit easier.


In October we bought a family car, and broke it in with a road trip to Pennsylvania to visit Lindsay’s family. Mitchell was an elephant for his first Halloween.


We celebrated the 238th Marine Corps Birthday in Myrtle Beach in November. Steve and Mitchell traveled to New Hampshire, and Steve gave a Veteran’s presentation at our former High School. We also traveled back to Kansas to celebrate Grandpa and Great Grandpa’s shared birthday on November 14th. Lots of traveling. We crashed and burned with Thanksgiving this year, as the whole family was down for the count with a stomach bug.


December wrapped up our crazy year. I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with my Master’s Degree. The Christmas tree went up, family came, and we celebrated a wonderful first Christmas with our baby boy.

This year was full of so many big moments it was pretty unbelievable at times. There are definitely some moments we will never forget. And what’s even crazier than 2013? That 2014 looks like it is going to be equally as exciting… 🙂

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