Full House

This weekend our home was busting at the seams with people, laughter, fun, and food. I love welcoming friends from all parts of our life into our home. And this weekend, we were blessed to have our high school friend (and wife), and a college friend visit us! Mitchell helped me prepare for the guests, and generously shared his room for the weekend.

We stopped the co-sleeping routine at about three weeks old. But every once in awhile it’s fun to have a little slumber party. Lucky boy got to sleep in the Pack & Play in Mommy and Daddy’s room 😉 Sleepover!

Our Guests 

We met CJ in high school, and have been friends ever since. We all played hockey together at Holderness, and Steve and I are forever indebted to CJ for writing our Chemistry lab reports. [Sorry, Mr. Houseman]…  He was Steve’s best man at our wedding, and this past year, Steve was in his wedding too! Somehow we all made our way down to the south from New Hampshire, and he lives in South Carolina with his wife Rebecca [and their puppy Sammy]! We hadn’t seen them since their wedding in April, at which I was sporting a giant watermelon-sized belly 😉

Brigid was the first person I met at Connecticut College, my roommate, teammate, and go-to person during the stress of Steve’s first deployment to Afghanistan. I hadn’t seen her since Robin’s wedding in Boston in May, when my belly was even bigger – which I didn’t think was possible.

Our Visit

When the stars aligned and everyone decided to come visit this weekend, our motto was – the more the merrier! And, the visit was even more exciting because they hadn’t met Mitchell!

First to arrive was Brigid. She was making great time coming down from her last stop in D.C. But when her truck crossed the North Carolina border it decided to break down. And when I say break down, I mean her tire caught on fire. She made it to the dealership, and it took the whole weekend to fix, so we loaded up on a rainy Friday afternoon and rescued Brigid from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. This was slightly comical, only because it was shockingly similar to the breakdown of 2011 when we were stranded in her truck less than 100 miles from that very spot. I recounted our previous experience in this blog post. After the drive back, and a Carolina Ale House cheeseburger, we excitedly awaited the arrival of our next guests, CJ and Rebecca. They arrived late, and we had a full, but exhausted house. Everyone promptly crashed on their respective bed, crib, or couch.

Saturday was a blast. It poured all day long. So we spend the better part of the day sitting on the couch, eating, and watching hockey or football. Brigid and I ventured to the gym and the commissary, but we were pretty much lazy all day.

Highlight of the day: Brigid taught me how to make an apple pie. I was amazed how delicious it turned out! Steve was very excited about this development in my housewife status.

We were lazy until Saturday night. You may have noticed something CJ, Brigid, Steve, and I have in common. Hockey. Everyone brought out the hockey gear and laced up for old times sake. So. Much. Fun. Brigid and I unintentionally matched, and we looked like we were ready to step back out on the ice at Connecticut College. And apparently we still “got it…” I had a few people asked me if we still play there (to which I had to answer, no we are now old and retired), and the guys on the other team were saying, “No fair, we want one of the girls!” Connecticut College hockey alumni!

CJ and Steve played goalie. They played well, except when they were getting scored on by the girls 😉 Holderness School hockey alumni!

Sunday was sunny, so we decided to be beach bums. The pups were not complaining about a trip to the beach.

Steve opted out of the beach walk and took a nap. When we returned, Mitchell was completely asleep and joined his daddy on the couch. These two boys have my whole heart ❤

Brigid and I lounged on the deck and watched the dolphins.

All-in-all, our weekend was a complete success. And the excitement isn’t over, because my best friend Lindsay and Mitchell’s girlfriend Maybree are coming to stay this week! Did I mention we love when our long-distance friends visit? 
I love sharing friends and fun and life with this guy ❤
Coming soon on the blog: 
Lindsay and Maybree’s visit [AND] Mitchell’s seven month post! Stay tuned 🙂

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