Seven Months Old and Visitors

I woke up this morning and realized Mitchell is seven months old! This month snuck up on me. So, this post is blended together with my overdue update from last week – Mitchell’s girlfriend Maybree visited from Pennsylvania!

This month Mitchell’s personality has been so noticeable. I think the most noticeable change is his ability to sit up! He does not want to lay around when he plays anymore… he would much rather sit his little tush down in the middle of the living room and play with his toys! He could sit there for hours too.  He is definitely in the “sitting” stage, and trying to move into the “crawling” stage. I have a feeling by the time my eight month post is here, the immobility will be a thing of the past. And keeping track of our little stinker will be much more difficult. Mitchell is a laughing fool! I love making silly noises or tossing  him up in the air and hearing his giggle. He is ticklish now, and thinks getting his belly rubbed is the greatest thing. He is also completely enthralled with Zoe, and pets her whenever he gets the chance. And when I say pet, I clearly mean grabs her nose and tongue, and pokes her in the eye. Oh, and opens his mouth wide open when she gives him kisses. Zoe could not care less about his antagonizing and is smitten with her little brother.

He still has his two little chompers, and we’re waiting for more! Lindsay snapped this adorable picture of his little teeth!

Last week, his girlfriend Maybree visited and he was mesmerized by her. I mean, I can’t blame him, she is pretty darn cute! We decided a little early Valentine’s photoshoot was appropriate, because love was definitely in the air!

It was so great to see Lindsay and Maybree again. We miss our friends down here in North Carolina.

I slacked on the picture taking this month, as we have been busy with wrapping up the holidays, visits from our friends and family all over the country, preparation for the big move, and our now-seven-month-old stinker. SO many changes coming up in the next month, and this year for that matter, I don’t even know where to start. But there will be blog post about that later I am sure 😉

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