Snow Day

Who would’ve guessed we would be spending the end of January in North Carolina snowed in?! After three years since the last [real] snow that actually stayed on the ground, I just accepted we were not going to have any snow this year. But last night we were hit with a winter storm, and it is now completely white outside!


Gosh I love my family ❤
North Carolina is a little different than any place I’ve ever lived –  New Hampshire, Connecticut, and even Kansas. They preemptively cancel school. It was sunny and 60 outside on Monday, and school for Tuesday and Wednesday was already cancelled! With good reason, though. The roads don’t get plowed or salted here, people don’t have snow tires, and some don’t even have windshield ice scrapers! But it doesn’t matter if you’re prepared…. you’re stuck home anyway because the city enacts a mandatory curfew. Not me though… I still had to work last night. I sure was thankful for my four-wheel drive coming home from work this morning.
Not only did Steve have a snow day from work, but Wednesday was my middle-of-the-week weekend too! I was so happy to be snowed in with my boys. After sleeping in all morning, we went outside to enjoy a little fun in the snow. Zoe, who held her bladder for 12 hours yesterday refusing to go outside in the weather, even went outside and had a blast in the snow! 
Our neighbors were outside with a makeshift sled… aka laundry basket… and we all gave it a try. It felt like I was ten years old again sledding down the hill at Stump Park! 
Now that our toes and hands are frozen through, we’re inside thawing out in our pajamas, and lounging around on the couch! And even better… We both have tomorrow to be snowed in together too!


5 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. You guys need to get stationed in Cali! We are making all the east coasters roll their eyes at our 70 degree temperatures! Snow days are fun though and it looks like you guys are having a blast. So nice to meet another USMC wife, blogger, photography lover, and mom! Seems like we have a lot in common, I look forward to following you!


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