Happy Birthday Grandma!

Dear Grandma, 
It’s your birthday weekend! I am sad we weren’t able to spend it together. But I can’t wait for you to come visit me at my new home in Florida! Mommy says it’s going to be really nice, and since I am learning to crawl now, she’s even going to buy me some baby gates! I don’t know what that means, but she says I’ll really like them. I hope she’s not tricking me. I really like exploring now. And spaghetti, I like spaghetti lately too. I’ve been sleeping through the night, and resting lots during the day. I’m saving up all my energy for when you come to see me. 

I hope you had a really fun birthday with Grandpa. Tell him I miss him too. Mommy told me you really like pictures of me, so I wanted to give you some for your birthday. 

She also said you love pictures of my Daddy… so I asked him to come along too. He lets me wear his hat sometimes.

He’s funny. I love him lots. 

Oh, one more thing. Since I am really excited about seeing you so soon, here are a few ‘Grandma Coupons’ for you to use whenever you visit. Mommy said you’ll really like these too. 


Lots of love from your favorite grandson,

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