Throwback Thursday: College Hockey

Watching the Olympics this week has had me completely engulfed in winter sports lately. We have spent the last week painting our house back to white [borrrring] and prepping our house to be packed for the move. We sold our TV stand and have been using a wooden table built and painted with with the San Jose Sharks logo by my husband during his teen years… straight college dorm room style. [I really did have this in my college apartment, actually]. We have been watching snowboarding, figure skating, skiing, and even curling. But we are most excited for two particular parts of of 2014 Olympics:

1. Watching Julia Ford, our former classmate, and my former teammate (soccer, not skiing!), compete for Team USA in alpine skiing. Julia was a three-sport varsity athlete and captain at Holderness, and epitomized the friendly, hardworking, and outdoorsy feel of Holderness School. I’ve written briefly about Holderness School, a small boarding school in the New Hampshire mountains, here. It definitely shaped who we are today, and we are proud to cheer on Julia in Sochi! Go Holderness

2. Hockey [duh]. One of our favorite sports.

Some of the female hockey players are playing for Team USA this Olympics, I’ve skated with at various camps, tryouts, or showcases. Women’s hockey is a small world. It’s pretty cool to see people you have skated alongside to compete at a world class level. And to carry on with my last Throwback Thursday post about my college rowing experience, I figured it was only fair to give some attention to the sport that took up the other half of my time and energy in college: ice hockey.

Looking back, my youth to my college years were completely taken up by sports. Hockey was a big part of that. Here are a few pictures, capturing my love for a sport that I grew up with, and still enjoy [just for fun, now] today.

Peewee Hockey 🙂 Can’t wait for Mitchell to be old enough to play!

Onto Bantams and Midgets… not sure why they call the high school players midgets, but they did.

A short transition to girl’s hockey in the summer. Somehow I always end up in boy-related activities… guess that makes me a tomboy?

And into the Holderness Days on the outdoor rink…

Onto Connecticut College…

And here I am, “retired,” sitting on my rear in a recliner watching Team USA play. I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. I’ve made some of my best friends on the hockey rink. Good games and bad games, good teams and bad teams, good coaches and bad coaches. I learned so many lessons and had a lot of fun. If you’re still reading, thanks for following me down memory lane a bit. Until next Thursday… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: College Hockey

  1. Your schooling experience sounds second to none. What amazing times and memories made.
    And, how awesome that you *know* people participating in the Games!
    Sidenote: Growing up, I went to a school where the team name was the Midgets. As in, that was our actual mascot. BAHA!


  2. Another great post Kourtney! It's fun to see those old pics and hear more about your hockey journey. I always think of you when I see women playing hockey! Girl power at it's finest! Miss you!


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