Hello Beach Livin’

In case anyone has missed out on my recent posts, we’re moving. This week. And as of today, the movers packed up everything we own! Including the mattresses. Lucky for us, last summer, just before Mitchell was born, Grandma and Grandpa Brim decided they needed a place to stay when they visit. My dad has always loved being in the ocean (scubadiving, swimming, body surfing, snorkeling, etc.), and my mom is more of a shore-kind-of-girl (seashell picking, sun-bathing). They decided it would be the right time to get a little place on the beach near where we live. It was nothing big and nothing fancy. But it was the perfect little home in the most beautiful location – and the perfect spot for Grandma Brim to convert Mitchell into a beach boy! And now, it’s the perfect spot to prolong the air mattress sleeping and have a little get-away before we move to Florida! I feel a little spoiled getting excited about a mini-vacation before moving to a vacation-spot. But I am learning with Marine Corps bases, they are generally by the water. And you can’t really go wrong with a beach in my book.

So for the next week, it’s beach livin’ for the Martin’s!

You can hear the waves crashing sitting on the couch! Who needs the TV?
Love this wall… Grandma & Grandpa Brim, Steve & I, Great Grandma & Grandpa Brim, Great Grandma & Grandpa Pendleton, and Uncle Colby!
Goodbye ugly breaker box cover, hello new chalkboard!
Beach-themed bunks in the hallway… gotta use all the space available! 
I love the way my mom decorated! She did all the hard work, but I helped a little 😉 She completely redecorated (painted, refurnished, etc.). The previous owners took great care of it so we had a great slate to work from, but it wasn’t quite the beach style we wanted. Small world – I found out I knew the guy that owned it when they were completing the real estate process! This place has turned into the perfect temporary home for our family this week, and of course a Grandma & Grandpa hideaway (its original intended purpose!) 🙂

Sunny Days & Stormy Nights – both pictures were taken from the deck!
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Brim!

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