Love Day Tradition

This year we decided to stay in for Valentine’s Day. Fighting traffic in Jacksonville to go to a chain restaurant just didn’t sound romantic to us. So instead, we made a fire pit in the backyard.

Steve made me my favorite dinner – corn and bacon. It’s a family recipe, but think a bowl full of warm creamy corn and bacon and pasta deliciousness. That boy can sure cook, for which I am extremely grateful. Our home is a lot less homey with the white paint and lack of decorations in preparation for the upcoming move, so heading outside was a perfect date. I guess this has become a tradition, because this is what we did last year too. We hadn’t made a fire pit yet this winter, so I was glad we squeezed one in at the last minute. 

Happy Valentine’s Day hubby 🙂 Can’t wait to see where we are for Valentine’s Day next year, or in five years, or ten… Hopefully we carry on the tradition and he’s still cooking for me! We’ve come a long way since he gave me that glass beaded bracelet on Valentine’s after study hall nine years ago 😉

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