Eight Months Old

Happy Eight Months Baby Boy. By far, this month has had more changes than any other. This month packed up his room to make the move to Florida. The tan walls were back to white. And I’m thanking my lucky stars that our next house is already painted neutral colors. In the spirit of the move, and my insanity, the following pictures come from our empty house and 14 hour day of cleaning [that I am currently still recovering from].

Started crawling. He mastered the hands-and-knees position and sitting up on his own all at once. After a few days spent cautiously rocking back and forth on his knees, he was off crawling and never looked back.

Mitchell’s favorite part about crawling? Cords. TV cords. Computer cords. Cell phone cords. And with the move, there are a lot of cords laying around the house. In particular, he just likes yanking them and swinging them around. We tried to replace this interest with a baby-safe alternative… aka Zoe’s chew rope. Good parents? I think so.

Graduated to Size 4 diapers! No weigh-ins yet. Waiting for our 9 month appointment for new measurements. I can promise you one thing though, he’s a big boy.

Celebrated our first Valentine’s day!

Said goodbye to our daycare ladies. Our little flirt has them all wrapped around his little finger. He jumps from room to room, since we only need to use the hourly care. But by now, they all know exactly who he is and are so excited to see him. It’s probably how they are with all the babies, but I like to think it’s his dashing red hair and crooked-toothed smile. 

Tried spaghetti and loved it.

This is a big month for little stinker. We’re in for a big trip to a brand new place. Lots of updates to come 🙂

Coming soon on the blog: Our big move to Florida! Stay tuned 🙂

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