Our Last Night

For our last night at Camp Lejeune, we inadvertently threw ourselves a party. We didn’t really plan it that way. Our Problem – We had a lot of people we wanted to see and one evening to do it. Our Solution – We were staying at the beach. The forecast predicted beautiful weather. Buy a bunch of pizza and tell everyone to come hang out! And they did, and it was great! We really realized how many friends we have from all different parts of our life. From my pick-up softball team I joined to meet people when we first moved here (love ya Katie!) to neighbors to military to work friends. I am seriously going to miss these people. Thanks for coming out to see us everyone! And to whoever left the pizza-flavored goldfish on the counter when they left, thanks for the road trip snack. These three guys have been together since bootcamp. And now they’re going their separate ways in their military careers. It’s a little bit sad, but exciting at the same time. Oh, and us three wives who tagged along for the ride 🙂

Love this family! They adopted Mitchell into their family when we needed a full-time babysitter, and I know he loves his pretend big brother and sisters!

The first friend I made at Camp Lejeune, and still love her to pieces! 

And a bunch of Fox Company guys. Out of 10 tries this was the best picture I could get. I guess boys will be boys. 

I keep reminding myself I will still be back for visits, at least for the next 10 months or so. We’re really hoping we come back to Camp Lejeune for the long haul. But with the military, you never know. But for now, it’s goodbye to the beaches of North Carolina and hello to the beaches of Florida!

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