Goodbye Tarawa Terrace

A few months ago I wrote about Steve’s reenlistment here. What I didn’t elaborate was that he has chosen an entirely new career path. He spent his first four years in the infantry, as a mortarman, assigned to 2nd Battalion 8th Marines…. at times this was a love-hate relationship 😉 While he is proud of his time as a “grunt,” he is ready to move on, to a job less taxing on the knees, elbows, shoulders, [I could go on and on…]. A 24-year-old guy shouldn’t crack and pop the way he does, or have already shrunk an inch! With a new job comes new training, and that training is only offered in Pensacola, Florida. So for the (approximately) next 8 months, we are off to Florida. We are [supposed to] come back to Camp Lejeune, but we will be awaiting on official orders coming in the fall.

Because the school is so long, we will not be eligible for base housing on Camp Lejeune (where we just moved from). We moved into Tarawa Terrace three years ago, and it has become our first home. I hear so many people refusing to live in base housing, but for us his has been such a wonderful experience. I am so happy we chose to start our life together where we did. It has been home-base [in a base home… lol], where we can always count on coming home to each other – even when I am working crazy rotating shifts and Steve is in-and-out for training or deployment.

Yes, I’ve caught myself wishing for a two-car garage or a garage door opener. I’ve longed for a third bedroom, more counter space, and to tear out those ugly linoleum kitchen floors. But given all those imperfections, it was the perfect first home.

[ It is where we had our first three Christmases. ]

[ Where Steve built us a fence in the backyard for our brand new puppy Zoe. ]

[ And where we brought Mitchell home from the hospital for the first time. ]

[ It is the neighborhood where our best friends moved in down the street, and we all had “M” babies together. Mitchell misses you Maybree and Macy. ]

[ It is where we have had some of the best neighbors. These are three of our wonderful neighbors, taken about three years after we all first met. ]

[ Can’t wait for Kelly to pop so I can come take newborn pictures for Lee! ]

[ Our sunshine yellow living room. ]

[ The kitchen with the world’s least amount of usable counter space. ]
[ The dining room and the housewarming painting my brother painted for us. ]
[ My mixer I now realize I can’t live without. ]
[ Our rooster clock. ]

[ How could we forget Zoe’s corner? ]
[ There is no such thing as too many pictures. ]

[ Our bed that Zoe was convinced actually belonged to her. ]
[ The time I morphed our guest bedroom into a nursery/guest combo. ]

[ Oh, so many, wonderful family and friends who came to visit us in North Carolina. ]
[ And most importantly, when we filled this crib… ]
[ With our perfect little miracle. ]
Over the past few years, this house has really become our home. We knew we wouldn’t live here forever, but saying goodbye will not be easy. Packing up our stuff means moving onto a new chapter, but Tarawa Terrace will always be our first home. Goodbye TT1, it’s been real! Thank you for all the memories we will cherish forever.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Tarawa Terrace

  1. Ok I totally cried. We lived in Jscksonville for 7 years…in 4 different houses (moved in as a gf, became a wife and prego 2 times, changed know the drill). I am thankful for our 15 month stay on TT. Thank you for being amazing, thank you for keeping my kids company outside when I needed a break, thank you for listening to tired heart, thank you for being a friend! I wish you guys the best on your new adventure. Love you guys!


  2. Saying goodbye to your first home isn't easy. Though we aren't moving far (and our new place is almost an identical layout) leaving is going to be difficult.
    I know your next home will hold just as many memories, and likely even more!


  3. It is awesome that you had such a good experience in base housing. Seriously. 🙂 Also I love that picture of Zoe on the bed. That's frame worthy. Love all of your pictures!


  4. Aww thank you Amber! I was so sad when you guys left us, but happy I caught you at Kelly's shower! Who knows though, the Marine Corps is such a small world hopefully we will end up at the same base again someday 🙂 We love ya too!


  5. I can't wait to hear all about your move! I am glad you guys were able to find a good place under a crunch. We are so happy with where we are now, trying to keep my head above water in the unpacking phase now! If only I could find my hair straightener! lol


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