Puppy Love: Part II

I am so excited to introduce the newest member of the family, Loki Martin! He is an eight week old German Shepherd we picked up on our trip down to Florida while passing through Alabama. Nothing like pulling up with two cars packed to the brim in household move, and picking up another member to the family. We have been debating the perfect time to get Zoe a “Zoe pal” for awhile now. And we have decided, why not now? And, c’mon, he’s so cute! How could you say no?

Our two little terrors are getting along quite nicely.

Mitchell is teaching Loki all his escape tactics.

Aside from the toe-biting [we’re working on it], I think Mitchell’s overall happy to have another pup. My husband wanted to name him after the Norse God of mischief. Foreshadowing? I sadly think it was. But Mitchell’s paying him back for the toe-biting with a fair share of ear pulling 🙂 And… knock on wood… we do not have any shoe or cord casualties in the house yet.

Zoe and I are now outnumbered with three boys in the house. Hopefully the next addition to the Martin family will be a girl to even us out!

And last, but not least, if you are looking for Puppy Love: Part I, it does not exist yet. But stay tuned! [It’s only fair to give Zoe some love, but all 75 pounds of her doesn’t fit in my photography studio, so we’re waiting to get some good pictures of her outside!]

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