[[Mitchell’s First]] Sunday Haircut

A little tradition around the Martin household is haircut day. Those of you familiar with Marine Corps life know that they must show up to work on Monday morning with a fresh haircut. And when I say fresh haircut, I mean faded from a zero at the bottom. So there is no cheating. If you had a haircut on Friday, it still won’t cut it. Thus, the Sunday haircut tradition. When we lived at Camp Lejeune, there were barber shops with normal hours during the week, but open 24 hours every Sunday night, lining the road leading up to the base entrance. Seriously. At 3:00 am on a Monday morning, you can get a haircut in most military towns. Crazy? Yes. 
Something else that I found crazy was the amount of money it cost to fulfill the haircut requirement! These guys had to pay to get their hair cut every single week. Yes, they were cheap haircuts. But that adds up! If you pay for a cheap haircut at $10 weekly, that is $520 DOLLARS A YEAR! I found this to be such an unnecessary expense… especially when it was a hassle for Steve to (1) drive out into town to find a barber on Sunday (2) without an hour long wait! So almost three years ago, I started cutting his hair every Sunday.  Now, I really look forward to sitting down every Sunday night and cutting his hair in the kitchen. [Unless of course we wait until 2:00 in the morning, and then I dread it]. I’m definitely not claiming to be a professional. I distinctly remember him going into work with some “fades” that you could hardly call a fade. And when I gave him a terrible haircut the night before a meritorious promotion board. But hey, I’ve gotten better and we’ve saved a lot of money. I also distinctly remember giving about 10 haircuts on a Superbowl Sunday to all the guys at our house watching the football game… who didn’t want to go find a barber on the way back to the barracks. For any military wife reading this who sympathizes with the haircut burden, convince your hubby to suffer a few weeks of bad haircuts and save that $40 a month! [For more important things…. like a pedicure ;)]
On another note, Mitchell’s hair has been getting longer, and he has been reaching the “I need a haircut stage.” His bangs were getting a little to close to his eyebrows and and the back of his head was starting to look like a little mullet. I am a huge fan of little boys and clean haircuts [it’s just soooo adorable!], so today Mitchell joined Daddy for his first Sunday haircut. You may not be able to tell in this picture because his bangs are brushed to the side, but it was so necessary.

His “before” crazy hair picture!

“Hey Mom, what are those for?”
“Help! What are they doing to me?!”

And the after picture. He is pretty handsome if I do say so myself 🙂 

In other news… The Martin household is full of the usual shenanigans. Don’t mind Loki crawling in the dishwasher. And Mitchell and Zoe cheering him on. 

Or Mitchell thinking the third bowl full of water belongs to him during puppy chow time. 

We’re wrapping up week #3 here in Florida! Hard to believe it’s almost been a month! That’s all for now 🙂

11 thoughts on “[[Mitchell’s First]] Sunday Haircut

  1. I cut my hubby's hair too! It was just getting so expensive for him to go to the barbar so I took matters into my own hands. There have been some hair cuts that I am not proud of but I have just about mastered the fade.


  2. Aw, love Mitchell's hair cut! Did you save a few of the snippets?
    I cut Scott and Marcus' hair, and dread it every.single.time. I wish you lived closer, I'd be sending my guys your way every two weeks. 🙂


  3. The photo of the puppy in the dishwasher with Mitchell and Zoe egging her on… hahaha fabulous. Hope all is going well and as always, love hearing these snippets!


  4. I didn't cut enough off to keep any locks, but these pictures will do okay to keep the memory 🙂 Maybe we will get stationed at Camp Pendleton at the end of the year and then we will be close!


  5. Fortunately, Tom can get by with going every other week to the barber. I am too scared to cut his hair, but that would be a huge savings! And I LOVE the picture of the dogs and Mitchell. If my dogs were smaller, I am sure they would try to weasel themselves into the dishwasher to “pre-wash” the dirty dishes.


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