Nine Months Old

Mitchell is nine months old! We are coming up on his first birthday. He looks more like a little boy, and less like a baby.
He went from crawling to crawling like a mad man. Sometimes I can hardly catch him! Diaper changing is a game to him to see how long he can keep that diaper off his cute little butt. He’s perfecting the art of escaping whenever he sees a chance. And on the subject of moving and shaking, he can pull himself up to a standing position now. If I thought we were in trouble before, now we really are. Grandma Martin got him and adorable little red chair with his name on it. And about 10 minutes after putting it in his play area, he was pulling himself up on his feet. Thanks Grandma Martin… it was just what he needed to launch him into the standing phase! 
He loves his Dad and his Grandpa. Whenever he sees Steve, he immediately smiles and gets so animated, waving his arms around. And when Grandpa Brim visited, he did the same thing! Not that he’s discriminate toward women. Our little flirt flashes his cute little toothy smile to any lucky lady who will give him attention out in public. I think his favorite place is the fabric store, because that seems to be the hangout for Grandma’s around here, and there are so many of them to pinch his cheeks and tell him how adorable he is 😉 Oh, and that toothy smile has added two more teeth! His top two teeth are officially in! 
He’s pretty much eating whatever we are now. The Baby Bullet is amazing! All I have to do is fix our dinner, and in about a minute, I can have it blended up for Mitchell to enjoy! Spaghetti is still one of his favorites. Oh, and chocolate ice cream thanks to his father. He had one little taste of that and his eyes lit up like he was tasting a little bit of baby heaven. 
If you’ve been somewhat keeping track of our blog, you’ll know Mitchell had two big life events this month – a move from North Carolina to Florida (the joys of being our little military brat), and a new puppy! Grandma and Grandpa Brim also took a little trip down to Florida for spring break (more on that in another post). He also had his first haircut. He sleeps through the night – no problem. Bed time is around 8:00 pm, and he wakes up about 6:00 am for a bottle. Then back to sleep – sometimes until 10-11:00 in the morning. We’re on a 1-2 nap schedule, but it’s really not a schedule at all. If he is tired, he sleeps until he isn’t tired anymore. Our no-schedule days seem to be working out for us because he’s an all-around happy baby, so I don’t see any reason to change it!
I love every single day being a momma to my sweet boy. I can’t believe how fast it is flying by. Next week we trek back up to Camp Lejeune, NC for a little visit. Stay tuned 🙂

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