Hello Master’s Degree

This past December I completed graduate school. It hasn’t been a real focus of mine, because I feel like I was always cramming my homework and tests in between other life events. And somewhere along the line, graduation snuck up on me! Full-time work, pregnancy, taking care of a home and a dog that thinks she’s a human, a deployed husband, and our baby boy meant my school took the backseat most of the time. But I pushed through it, and I am so happy to be finished. With everything else happening, I didn’t make it to my graduation ceremony this past December. And apparently if you don’t walk across the stage and take your diploma right there, you have to wait three months to get in the mail. But it’s finally here, and better late than never!

I started the online Master’s program at University of Central Missouri a year and a half ago (Plus the three months it took to get my diploma). I had had exactly one semester of “free time,” out of school for the first time since kindergarten. I began working, but I was not used to the idle “academic time.” Not really realizing what I was getting into, I figured I would send in an application just to see if I was accepted. Why UCM? (1) because they offered it exclusively online, and (2) because my Dad completed the same exact program several years earlier. Before I knew it, the acceptance letter showed up in the mailbox, and then I kind of had to sign up for a few classes. And by then, I was committed and the race to graduation began. I had lots of help studying. Zoe loved helping me read case law at 3:00 in the morning on the couch. 

And then Mitchell came along and I perfected the art of writing 10-paged papers, typing with one hand the entire time.

More than anything, I owe this diploma to my husband. I could not imagine a more supportive person to spend my life with. He did not once complain when I had to write a big paper and couldn’t go out to eat. Instead he would fix me dinner and do the dishes. I know he wanted new hockey gear, golf clubs, and guns, but instead he valued my education and paid for tuition, a new computer, and books. That time we were flying from Kansas to North Carolina and our flight was delayed, but I had a paper due at midnight, he held Mitchell the entire time so I could scramble to finish my paper on his computer. There is no way I could have ever gotten my Master’s degree without Steve’s help, and I feel so blessed God gave me such a selfless and caring husband.

And the best part about graduation? I can devote all the extra time I spent studying to my wonderful family! Sounds like a reason to celebrate to me!

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