Spring Break – Grandma and Grandpa Brim Visit Florida

This past week we had a visit from my parents! They were our first official guests here in our Florida house. Since my mom is a teacher, she is always free during spring break. They were tossing around the idea of vacationing in North Carolina, or coming down to Florida to visit us. We are so glad they came to visit. We may not be totally unpacked [or have a dining room table yet], but we had a lot of fun with some family time…. and eating our dinners on the couch in front of the TV 😉
When they first arrived, they asked what there was to do and see. I reminded them we had only been here two weeks and we didn’t really know yet! [Pretty hard to believe, feels like we’ve been here a lot longer!] So we explored together, and found some pretty great places we can’t wait to explore even more. Of course, we had to visit the beach. How can you turn down the white sandy beaches when you’re in spring break central?! It isn’t quite ‘hot’ yet, but the spring breakers were ambitiously sporting their swimsuits in pursuit of a tan. We, however, kept our sweatshirts on for the afternoon. Mitchell loves crawling around in the sand, and [surprisingly] is pretty good about not trying to eat it. And since he is 100% my husband’s son, it is necessary to bathe him in sunscreen before braving that Florida sunshine. After checking out some of the beautiful beaches around here, I am so excited to spend lots of time outside this summer!
We also found a little park in Niceville, Florida, a short drive from where we live. Yep, they have a town here called Niceville – doesn’t that just sound so perfect? There is a boardwalk and nature trail that follows a river upstream about a mile. And we learned in the summer when it’s warm, people bring tubes and float back to the parking lot! How fun is that? It’s definitely on my bucket list for this duty station. Anyways, it definitely wasn’t warm enough for any floating, but we did manage to stick our feet in the water a couple times along the walk. 
Being the history enthusiast and hopeful astronaut he is, my Dad had a list of places to visit while he was here. Among those were the USS Alabama [just across the border in Alambama], the Air Force Armament Museum [just down the road from our house], and the National Naval Aviation Museum [aboard NAS Pensacola]. He was able to check each of these off his list. Mitchell, my Mom, and I accompanied him on his trip down to Pensacola, but the girls opted for a shopping trip while the boys explored the museum. That’s right – Grandpa Brim and Mitchell spent he day together at the museum and had a blast! 
My Dad captioned this picture – “Future astronaut!”
The only disappointing part of the visit was that Steve spent a lot of time at work. But my Dad and I did visit him for a workout in the gym [families who lift weights together, stay together – right?]. We also went out for a delicious dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp in Destin before they had to leave. And, we satisfied our sweet tooth at Marble Slab Creamery with some delicious ice cream, where my Mom took full advantage of the unlimited mix-ins!
Add in a couple of Sonic trips and a My Name is Earl marathon and that was our week. We were sad to see them leave, but looking forward to seeing them again soon. Mitchell sure loves his grandparents!

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