Play Time

Since we moved in, I have been working on building Mitchell his own little play area, which we have fondly named “baby jail.” It was my solution to (1) separating Mitchell from the dogs, (2) keeping the baby toys contained, and (3) keep him corralled while I’m doing chores [or blogging!] without having to tell him ‘no’ every 10 seconds. He really can do no wrong in his baby jail, so it’s perfect for him to explore and play. Sure, we could have done this in his bedroom, but who wants to lock him away upstairs where he can’t be in the middle of things? We spend 90% of our waking hours in the living room anyway, and we still wanted Mitchell to be there! So, I designated an area for the baby jail, and this is what I came up with. 
Some of our favorite toys we’ve found… I love these classic blocks! They come in a pack at Walmart. I don’t know how many photoshoots I’ve used them as props, and Mitchell loves clapping them together! I think these are going to be my go-to baby gift from now on. They’re good for playing, learning, and pictures! Can’t beat that! 
Pacifiers. Duh. If you can’t find one, just shake out the pillows and you’re bound to find a handful of spares laying around. 
LOVE these Ikea bookshelves. Originally spice racks. Four dollars. Completely copied from Pinterest, by the way. They were in his nursery in our previous home above his changing table, but I repainted them and moved them to his height. I love that he can take the books down himself, and use them to hold himself up while he’s practicing that balance! 🙂 And thank you to Grandma Brim for 95% of the books in here. I am learning board books and cloth books are the best. And even better when you find them like-new at a garage sale! 
This alphabet set came from Amazon, and I hung it up with some twine and mini-clothespins we had laying around the house. I love how it makes that part of the room really feel like “his,” plus they’re super easy to clip off and use in photos! [It’s always about the pictures around here!]
This was a Christmas gift from a friend and Mitchell loves it! It’s intended to bounce the little plastic balls it came with, but Mitchell has discovered that it can actually bounce all sorts of things! Including, but definitely not limited to, books, blocks, army men, and pacifiers! We gave this to him when he was six months, but he is going on ten months now and hasn’t lost a bit of interest in it! 
This chair! It’s red and adorable, and big enough for him to grow into! It was the first thing he pulled himself up into a standing position on. This was a gift from Grandma Martin, and here is the cell phone pic we sent to her to show how much Mitchell loves it! 
Last, but not least, Mitchell loves pillows! He climbs them like a mountain, and snuggles up in them. I wanted to make this area super comfy – so I found all our left over mismatching pillows that we weren’t using around the house. I found some cute fabric, and whipped up some envelope-style pillow covers. Sadly, I’ve found myself lying down and closing my eyes for a few minutes in here too 😉

“Hi, my name is Mitchell. Welcome to my baby jail!”

“I see you Mom!”

“But Jake and the Neverland Pirates is much more interesting…”

Maybe I am biased, but I am just so in love with this boy! Oh, and his Daddy 🙂

Don’t let me fool you into thinking that his play area is always this clean… This is what it usually looks like by the end of the day. A few play hours and a couple of naps later… For some reason I always pick it up, even though I know it will end up looking like this the very next day. Mostly because he has so much fun dumping out all those bins! 
And when Grandpa Brim came to visit, he loved baby jail too!

5 thoughts on “Play Time

  1. LOVE the “baby jail.” Those book shelves are genius. I've been wanting/needing to do something similar in Marcus' room. The dino toy is still a big hit, here, too. Just wait until Mitchell discovers how far he can chuck those dino balls. We're constantly on the lookout for rogue dino balls! 🙂


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