[[ Mitchell’s First ]] Easter

Happy Easter from our family to yours! Easter egg hunts and overflowing baskets are not the reason for Easter, so this morning we were off to church to celebrate the true meaning behind the holiday. Since we’re still pretty new in town, we’re still in search of a church home. I have a feeling by the time we find one we love, it may be time to move again since we’re only here for a short while! Mitchell was very excited about Jesus’ resurrection, taking it upon himself to laugh, and squeal, and babble to everyone during the service about how thrilled he was! Consequently, Mitchell and I found a nice room where we could watch the service and he could more appropriately share his joy with a cute little girl named Lucy over some Easter stories the Easter Bunny brought her. 

I love these two boys with my whole heart. 
And the fact that their hair is the Exact. Same. Color. 

We were debating finding a place to eat brunch after church, but Steve’s growling stomach was the deciding factor. After passing by the IHOP and the Waffle House, we decided to be original and try something new. Just across the bridge in Destin, there is an enormous, but beautiful, set of condominiums right on the water. They had a sign out from for an Easter brunch, complete with the Easter bunny! We sadly found out the tickets for the brunch sold out four days earlier (which was not advertised on the sign), so we tried the hotel restaurant for brunch. It was practically empty, it had a delicious brunch menu, and Mitchell had a personal visit from the Easter bunny at our table! Definitely a win in our book! 

Mitchell was a little unsure about the Easter Bunny at first, 
but he eventually gave him a hesitant smile 🙂

 Steve was clearly thrilled when our waitress offered to capture 
a group shot with the Easter Bunny!

And in true Easter fashion, the Easter Bunny stopped by the Martin household with an Easter basket. He wasn’t quite as outgoing as I have a feeling he will be in the future, but let’s be honest… Mitchell’s not going to remember it, he doesn’t really need any toys, and Steve and I definitely don’t need the candy! We’ve had our fair share of sweets with my baking kick lately. But I love traditions and all my Easter memories from my childhood, and I am so happy to give Mitchell these memories too! 

Target acquired…

The Easter Bunny brought me a ball Mom! Best present ever!

 And the rest of Mitchell’s night consisted of getting 
Daddy to play with the ball… And Mommy… and Zoe… and Loki…

What else did the Easter Bunny bring Mitchell? [Since obviously all he really cared about was the ball…] The adorable stuffed bunny I can’t take credit for – it was a find by Grandma Martin and has made an appearance every year since in some form or fashion…

Every little boy can use more t-shirts! Especially when they’re on the $1.99 rack 😉 And that Mickey shirt is going to come in handy very soon on our Disney World Reunion! [Ahhhh – sixteen days! I can barely contain our my excitement!]

Cannot wait to wear this float out with my little water bug this summer!

Last but not least, we Skyped Great Grandpa Brim! 

To cap off our perfect day, the forecast was 75 and sunny! We had big plans to kick of the summer with a trip down to the beautiful white sandy beaches in the Jeep, and spend a relaxing day in the sand. Somehow, the weather man actually meant it would be completely cloudy and chilly so we’ve decided to postpone a family beach trip to a later day. And now that Steve has found the San Jose Sharks playoff game to watch, and another game tonight – I have a feeling I know how the rest of our day is going to go 😉

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