[[ Mommy & Mitchell ]] Beach Day

Our Easter beach plans were postponed… but not for long. It was a beauuuuuutiful day today. 75 and sunny. After I finished up my morning chores, I just couldn’t stand staying inside. So Mitchell and I made a little drive to the Gulf Island National Seashore to the white sandy beaches. This beach isn’t the closest, but it’s in a state park, so there is a seven mile stretch with no buildings, homes, or businesses. Just beach. The water is so clear, and a light bluish-green. Only bad part was Steve couldn’t join us because he had to work. But the two of us had enough fun for the whole family 🙂

And this is what laying out with an almost-toddler looks like… Getting your hair pulled, and sand in your face… and sunglasses stolen… and necklace yanked… but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

We love our tent umbrella from Grandma Martin! Keeps my red-headed babe under the shade 🙂 And will be a great bargaining chip when I’m trying to convince my red-headed husband to stay at the beach all day!

“Hello bottle of sunscreen.. I have a feeling we are 
going to be very good friends this summer…” 😉

This picture looks EXACTLY like Steve’s childhood photos! 
Someone’s got two big front teeth!

Little Swimmers 😉

Picture overload, but we had a fun day at the beach! He’s my favorite little model. Now to get ready for a visit from the grandparents 🙂 Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “[[ Mommy & Mitchell ]] Beach Day

  1. Last summer at Target. It was the only one left but I'll bet there's a brand name on it still. It's sturdy! And it had a carrier. As family of redheads we have lots. We also like the pop up ones from LLBean. Easy quick to set up. And w carriers.


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