Ten Months Old

A couple days late with this post, but oh well. Ten months old?! This might have been the fastest month yet… I feel like yesterday I was writing his nine month blog post.

Speaking of nine months, we were late on his nine month check-up so I didn’t add it in, but he is officially 30 inches and 24 pounds. We’ve dropped down into the 87/90 percentile range, so he’s still big… just not as big 😉 After my trip to the vet with Loki last week, they are officially the same weight. That’s definitely not going to last long though, at the rate Loki is growing!

We ventured to the park today, and I had to snap a couple of pictures 🙂 Not a lot of changes this month. The biggest one is he has worked up the bravery to let go of whatever is holding him up. He’ll waver on his feet for a bit, until he very anti-climatically sits back down. We’re working on it though! I have a feeling in his next blog post he’ll be walking! It will make the park much more fun, so Mommy doesn’t have to carry Mitchell around everywhere so he doesn’t come home with scuffed knees! 

Silly boy has discovered his tongue, and thinks sticking his tongue out is pretty funny. He’s got “Dada” and “Baba” down, but we’re working on the most important one – “Mama!” 😉 Other than those, it’s a lot of babble. All day, everyday. He’s got a lot to say!

I feel so blessed to have such a friendly, happy baby! He is always smiling at everyone, and is completely content to just be a little boy 🙂

A few things so I don’t forget… he’s starting to like his pacifier less and less. It’s more of toy now, because he likes to take it out of his mouth and toss it on the ground. Or crawl around with it in his hand dragging it all over the floor and then popping it back in his mouth. Gross. He isn’t a picky eater, and tries everything on my plate. But he still counts on that post-meal bottle to get him down for a good nap. He usually naps about once a day, and nap time is a must to avoid Mitchell’s alter-fussy-ego. He’s a great sleeper at night, and goes to bed at about 7:30, and gets up about 8:00. No complaints there, I hope that lasts for a loooooong time 🙂

Still Size 4 diapers. A few of the rolls are starting to disappear now that he’s so mobile. Some 9-12 month clothes, but we’re transitioning into the 12-18 month clothes. 
He’s definitely got big feet! Grandma Brim brought him a pair of footie pajamas we had to return because his feet wouldn’t fit! He’s wearing Size 5T shoes now – and his Converse are a tiiiiiight squeeze cause his feet are like two little roly polys! 

We’re so excited for all the friends and family we get to visit this month! And it’s time to start the birthday planning 🙂 Happy ten months baby boy! 
You are so loved

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