Grandma and Grandpa Martin Visit Florida

We were so happy to finally get Grandma and Grandpa Martin down here for a visit! If you ask me, not seeing them since Christmas was too long… but with our move, and Grandpa Martin’s job, we finally found a good opportunity for some family time! Luckily they’re up on their technology, and are avid texter’s, Skyper’s and Instagramer’s… which helps us keeping touch between visits! 

Grandma Martin arrived first, and we picked her up at the Fort Walton Beach Airport. This airport is that it actually shares a runway with Eglin Air Force Base. So you could be riding in a commercial airplane, taking off next to a fighter jet! Pretty cool! We still had another day before Grandpa Martin arrived, and with Steve busy in school, so we kept ourselves busy antiquing (is that a verb?), photoshoot location hunting, and so on.

Grandpa Martin arrived Thursday, and we were off to the airport to pick him up!

With Steve wrapped up in his school during a lot of their visit, we entertained ourselves. Fortunately, Friday yielded a beauuuuuutiful 80 degree sunshine day… so you can guess where we ended up!

Someone wanted to swim with Grandpa Martin in the ocean!

But he settled for building his first sand castle 🙂

And some Mommy snuggles 🙂

Once Mitchell was good and wore out, everyone found a beach towel, a patch of shade, and lunch!

We wrapped up the weekend with a  night out in Destin, and dinner at Margaritaville… which is quickly becoming one of our favorites!

Monday morning, Steve was back to work and Grandpa Martin was en route to Boston… But we were New Orleans bound with Grandma Martin to meet Mitchell’s Great Great Aunt Bertha! Stay tuned 🙂

6 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa Martin Visit Florida

  1. I seriously love those dock pictures. So freaking pretty. Still hoping our paths cross in Kansas. We will be in KC until that Wednesday before we leave for Springfield on Thursday morning!


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