New Orleans and New Family

After we dropped Grandpa Martin off at the airport in Pensacola, Mitchell was New Orleans bound for a very special reason! We had the opportunity to join Grandma Martin on one of her trips to visit Mitchell’s Great Great Aunt Bertha! Mitchell hasn’t had the opportunity to meet much of Steve’s side of the family… and neither of us had met his Great Great Aunt Bertha! Luckily, New Orleans is a short four hour trip so we made the drive to spend the night meeting some new family!

Great Great Aunt Bertha’s home is on a beautiful golf course, complete with a pond and a gorgeous garden! I couldn’t help but grab my camera… surprise surprise 😉

Mitchell quite enjoyed himself 😉

Grandma Martin visits New Orleans regularly. Despite it’s reputation for being a wild, party city… she visits for the relaxation. They do a lot of back porch sitting…

And then some more porch sitting…

But can you blame them?!

Thank you to Grandma Martin for inviting us on a new adventure! I write about how important I think family is time after time. I admit we’ve made lots of effort spending time with my family over the years, but it’s been much harder with the Martin side of the family. Having them all over the map has made it extremely hard to visit regularly. We are, however, looking forward to a family wedding in August to see a bunch of them all in one place for once! 

After we ate delicious homemade ribs for dinner, Grandma Martin and I spent some time watching it get dark over the pond from the deck, only to be chased in by the mosquitos. First bites of the year… must mean it’s almost summer! It sure felt like it there with the 85 degree weather. When we retreated inside, I found Mitchell glued to the TV attentively watching Wheel of Fortune with his Great Great Aunt Bertha, chatting up a storm!

Coming soon on the blog: 
Mitchell is taking his very first trip to Disney World!!!

One thought on “New Orleans and New Family

  1. I love that he was watching Wheel of Fortune with her. That takes me back to my childhood as my Grandpa always watched that show everyday. I've never been to New Orleans, but these pictures are stunning!


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