Crazy Saturday Night

So in case anyone is wondering what the typical night around the Martin household is like… here’s a little glimpse. Mitchell started the evening in pajamas. Fresh ones, that he didn’t wear last night. And they matched. I was enjoying my delicious homemade dinner, straight from the kitchen of the pizza joint across the street. That’s when my beautiful, wonderful son came crawling over, soaking wet. No diaper leak means two possibilities.

Our [almost] potty trained puppy struck again. Or the dog water bowl was dumped. Equal possibility.

After a thorough investigation, I released Loki and detained my prime suspect… 
Who had not only dumped out the water bowl, but spread the water from the kitchen to the front door, crawling all over the floor. Hence, the soaking wet pants. 

We lost the pants. I promise, 98% of the time this boy is clothed – we don’t run around in diapers in this house. I think he’s actually a little confused when he’s not wearing clothes. But tonight was an exception.

I should probably start a load of laundry anyway. I’ll grab the dirty pants. Wait, where are they? Oh… yea… why didn’t I think of that? Covered in dog hair, great. 

The laundry can wait. The floors are more-or-less cleaned up – the mopping can wait until tomorrow. I’ll sit down for two minutes to relax. Oh wait – never mind – this guy hasn’t eaten in an hour and a half and he thinks the world is going to end because he doesn’t have a bottle right this second. I guess it is 7:15. No such thing as “too early” for a bedtime, right?

All is okay now, according to Mitchell. He’s got his bottle, a mismatching pair of dinosaur pajama bottoms, and his stuffed German Shepherd, about to fall asleep dreaming about playing with his puppies and dumping out their water bowls 😉 Did I mention that wasn’t the first time he dumped out the water bowl and use the crawling method to spread it all around today?

And I can’t wait to wake up and do this all over again tomorrow 🙂

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