Sunny Sunday at the Beach

Yep, another beach post. I have been loving the Florida beaches so much lately! This past Sunday we spent the whooooole day at the beach. There are so many pictures but it was so much fun!!! I was so excited Steve was off work on such a beauuuutiful day and could join us! There were literally no clouds in the sky. We loaded up Mitchell’s carseat and all the beach gear in the Jeep, because who could resist the Jeep on a day like this? It was Mitchell’s first “long” ride, because it took at an hour to get there with all the traffic. He loved it! He was laughing and giggling and his red hair was blowing in the wind. I could not have asked for a better day with my family. We got caught in some serious tourist traffic on the way home, and I didn’t even care! It was so much fun to drive around in the Jeep, with Mitchell completely worn out and sleeping hard in the back. It was stand still traffic and I was joking to Steve that the only thing that could make it better would be a hotdog stand on the side of the road! We never found a hotdog stand, but he fired up the grill and cooked me some when we got home. Definitely up there in one of my top favorite family days together, behind homecoming of course 🙂 I love these two boys with my whole entire heart, and I know I am going to remember this day forever 🙂
I could just stare at those chubby cheeks all day 🙂
Playing in the water! 
Selfies with Mommy on the beach 🙂 
I love this picture! I can never get enough of these two ❤
When we found our spot, there was a giant hole someone had dug in the sand. My first comment, “Oh look – a built in Pack and Play!” Steve’s first comment, “Mitchell’s first fighting hole!” He makes me laugh. 

Break time with Daddy in the shade! 

Seriously, could they be any cuter? Mitchell is his mini-me and I love every bit of it 🙂

Splashing in the water with Daddy!

God really made the perfect man for me and I’m so happy I found him!

And I’ll leave you with this gem. Mitchell waving bye bye to the beach until next time… [which I think will be very, very soon]. 

Well, the car is packed and I’m going to bed. Mitchell and I are off to Disney World in the morning!!! And Steve is back at it in school. Counting our blessings we get to spend his weekends relaxing with him in such a beautiful place 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday at the Beach

  1. That last picture of you and Mitchell is adorable! Seriously. Not to mention the last one of him.. gah! I love these pictures! Looks like so much fun. And hey you live in Florida! Might as well use the beaches to your advantage!


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