Kansas Adventures & Memorial Day Weekend

This past week Mitchell, [Loki], and I made it back to the Sunflower State! We hadn’t been back since November for Grandpa and Great Grandpa Brim’s birthday, so we were excited for the opportunity to go back! And it was my favorite time of year – just when summer is getting started 🙂

Of course a few family pictures were in order 🙂 

All four Mitchell’s together again!

Mitchell L.O.V.E.D. Papa’s cane! Every time we went to his apartment, Mitchell made a beeline across the living room straight to the front door to knock over the cane!

Mitchell and Grandpa 🙂

And last but not least, Uncle Colby. I think they really bonded this trip and I found my brother sneaking him off to play with him! He even gave him his first guitar lesson!

When we arrived back home, Grandma and Grandpa Brim had a surprise for Mitchell – a new swing set in the backyard! Complete with a swing that Mitchell absolutely loved. I think my Dad might have been more excited about this than anyone, but I know it will get plenty of use during our visits for years to come 🙂

And Mitchell played in my baby pool! Yep, you read that right – my parents have had that thing for over 20 years! Lately it’s mostly been for the dog’s enjoyment though…

Loki loved his doggy cousins and the big ol’ backyard to run around in. I can’t waitttttt for our next move to get that pup a better backyard!

Thanks to our amazing hosts for letting us make their house messy and crazy for a week!

Mitchell is a pretty popular guy and made quite a few appearances during his stay in Kansas. New moms learn that once the baby arrives, you’re really not interesting anymore. Everyone just wants to see the babies! We caught Mrs. Brim’s last few days of first grade, and Mitchell got to go to field day! It was pretty great to see an entire elementary school of children with their hands on their hearts saying the pledge of allegiance, only to be followed up by two brave fifth graders belting out the national anthem on loud speakers! With the trend of public criticism of these American traditions in our schools lately, it made my heart happy to see this. And if it was possible, it made me even more proud of my husband for being a Marine 🙂

Mitchell is pretty popular with the ladies these days 😉

After field day, I attended and eighth grade farewell ceremony at my former middle school – Monticello Trails! I am pretty sure the last time I was in that cafeteria was for my eight grade farewell… so it was a little strange being back. Boy, did I feel old. And even more old because I babysat the little eighth grader I was there for all through elementary school. And now she’s a beautiful young lady who I would without-a-doubt hire to babysit my kiddo if we ever moved back to Kansas someday! 

Mitchell spent a lot of time with Great Grandpa Brim. I hope we’ll be back to attend his 100th birthday in seven years and have lots of time for him to watch Mitchell to grow up! You can really see how happy Mitchell makes him when he comes to visit. But when we’re in Kansas we try to spend as much time with him as we can. I was a little busy with photography, so Grandpa Brim mustered up the courage to take him to Papa’s for evening visits by himself! Hands-down the funniest moment of the week was getting a phone call from my Dad, urgently telling me to prepare for his arrival. He was “en route to the house with a Priority 1 diaper explosion emergency.” Naively thinking Mitchell would be showing up at home in just a clean diaper and no clothes, I was surprised to see Grandpa Brim actually saved the diaper for me, and he was safely buckled tight in his carseat, poopy diaper, poopy clothes and all. By the end of the week though, we had Grandpa Brim changing diapers like a champ so we definitely made progress 😉

We spent Memorial Day weekend busy, busy, busy. First, we were off to Lake Quivira to visit one of our favorite families – the Noland’s! Rachel and I have been friends for thirteen years now and every time we’re back together it’s like we were never apart! I seriously love their whole family, and it was so fun to go out on the boat! Her poor dad drove us around the whole time, while Annie, Rachel, Julia, and I sat on the back of the boat and talked a million miles an hour. There is always so much catching up to do every time we come to Kansas!


Mitchell loved Hudson’s company! Just a boy and a boat and a dog 🙂

Kent even let Mitchell drive the boat for a little bit! We spotted hundreds of turtles!

Mitchell loves his Aunt Rachel!

My tired boy was worn out from all the fun and crashed for a nap on the floor of the boat!

We went to the cemeteries Memorial Day weekend. Being so far away, this is the first time in years we’ve made it back to do this. Mitchell left flowers for his Great Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton and his Great Grandma Brim ❤ I wish he could have met these wonderful people – especially his Great Grandma's who passed away not too long before he was born. But I know they're looking over him and smiling as he grows up into a perfect little boy 🙂

The week we were in Kansas just happened to be the same week Grandma and Grandpa Brim were having the entire exterior and interior of the house painted. Paco the Painter and his mariachi-singing crew were hard at work, and somehow managed to finish the job in three days. Mitchell and I did a lot of garage-sitting while the furniture was all over the place, and we had a few garage visitors, like pretend-Grandma Sue from across the street and Great Grandpa Brim!

And Grandma Brim and all her love for painting decided the new interior paint color was perfect, but it would be even better with white cabinets! So we got out the paint brushes and redid her cabinets to finish off the home improvements for the week. I absolutely love how they turned out and I am soooo wishing this was my kitchen now! I am a big fan of light-colored cabinets now! With those countertops and stainless steel appliances? I am swooning!

And in case you’re interested, here’s the before/during-the-mess picture.

I filled my trip with photoshoots, and I had so much fun working with some awesome people!

And we took a family send-off selfie to conclude the trip. Hopefully our next visit with everyone won’t be too far off! I just found out that my brother will be visiting Florida in TWO DAYS! Guess he misses sooooooooo much already 😉

Coming soon on the blog:

A very belated eleven-month post for Mitchell, Father’s Day, and his FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY with our wonderful family and friends 🙂

4 thoughts on “Kansas Adventures & Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Haha I love reading this. I've been there, there and there. Oh and I went to school there. Haha. Love it! Also, this is weird… but I think your brother might have been in my sister's class? 2010?


  2. Your trip home looks like it was perfect! LOVE seeing that the schools celebrated with the Pledge and the singing of the National Anthem. I hope those traditions are still continued when our boys are in school.


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