North Carolina Adventures

To round out our Kansas trip, we decided – what’s a little detour through North Carolina? Just kidding – I had a few things to take care of there and Grandma Brim was going to book a one-way flight out there. So we figured it was a good time for a road trip! The trip was pretty quick – we were only there for two days before we left Grandma Brim stranded on an island for the summer [literally]. She was happy as a clam in her little beach house, and as much as we wanted to visit for a week, we couldn’t wait to get back to Daddy in Florida! Of course we found a little time to spend out on the beach… How could we not???

We have a digger!

“Hey Loki, I found a tennis ball…”

“Here, you can have it.” 

“Just kidding, I want it back.” 

“You’re teething too? It’s okay, just nibble on my hand.” 

Mitchell and Loki together on the beach were killin’ me with the cuteness! At one point, Mitchell started crawling toward the water and Loki thought he got to close, so he stood between Mitchell and the water and started herding him away! And of course, when I brought Mitchell to play in the water, Loki wouldn’t leave our side. For how much of a pain he has been as a puppy, he’s really starting to turn into a really good dog. 

And this is what I found when I got back from work. Why can’t grandparents always be around to babysit?!

Pupdate 🙂
And a little update on Loki! Before we left for Kansas and during our trip, we noticed he was limping a little, and it switched from leg to leg. Shrugging it off as growing pains, I kind of ignored it because every couple of days it would completely disappear! Once we made it back to Florida, it got sooooo bad… He wasn’t sleeping at all [and neither were we]. He refused to walk, moaned constantly, and sometimes howled in pain. It was breaking our hearts! Luckily once it got bad, we were able to get a next-day vet appointment. I still figured it was growing pains, but we wanted to make sure and he needed some serious relief! After a set of x-rays, the vet confirmed it wasn’t cancer, a fracture, or hip dysplasia. As we suspected, it was good old growing pains, more accurately known as Panosteitis. Which is a condition that apparently is most common in male German Shepherds between 5 and 18 months…. aka Loki. And the vet said his hips look great! [Always a concern for German Shepherd owners]. Once we got him on the painkillers he was like a different dog, and seems completely pain free! And in case you’re wondering about Zoe… no we didn’t leave her behind in Florida because Loki is the new favorite. She’s actually a good dog and can stay in the house all day without wrecking it while Steve is at work. I don’t want to even think about what the house would look like with 10 hours of unsupervised Loki! It’s gonna be awhile before Loki gets there 😉 Thankfully for us, he’s an excellent car rider! I don’t know about the rest of you dog owners, but for us our dogs are like babies and they are just another member of the family! 
That’s all for now! TEN days until Lindsay and Maybree are here to start Mitchell’s birthday festivities! I can’t believe it!!! We’ve been having so much fun around here lately and we have so much to look forward to! Stay tuned 🙂

5 thoughts on “North Carolina Adventures

  1. Trigger (our German Shepherd) loved the beach in Hawaii. He would dig massive holes and dive out into the waves to fetch his toy. People would always stop in amazement at how good of a swimmer he was. No fear! Looks like Loki is going to love the beach just as much. Trigger never experienced growing pains but he sure did wreck havoc on our home! I'll say some prayers for you! lol xo, Sarah @movingeastonwest


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