[[ First ]] Father’s Day

Today’s Father’s Day we spent the afternoon as a family at our little swimming hole! We love the ocean, but you can’t beat bath-warm water flat enough for Mitchell to lounge around in his floatie! I am so happy Steve is home this year so we can spend his first Father’s Day as a family. He’s been such a great Daddy this year and I couldn’t pick anyone better to lead our family than him! If Mitchell grows up to be just like him, I will call our parenting a success. 

Being in the military means we move a lot and have to spend a lot of holidays away from our families and hometowns. But don’t think we aren’t thinking about all the Dad’s in our life! Mitchell is so blessed to be surrounded by so many strong, positive male role models! (In no particular order…)
Of course, my super-tactical so-cool Dad, who taught me how to shoot guns and lift heavy weights and use a flashlight properly. I just want to be like him when I grow up! I mean, he outruns, out lifts, and outshoots guys half his age on a regular basis (and will probably get mad at me for writing this on here because he is the most humble guy you will ever meet). I apologize to my Mom for being a shadow of my Dad for my whole life, developing the exact same interests, hobbies, and sense of humor. But, hey, you did marry a pretty cool guy so what can I say?

Originally US Army Private Brim, now Retired USAF Pilot Major Brim. More commonly referred to as “Papa” around here. If you sit down with him for five minutes, you realize he’s lived a really awesome life is about as impressive of a Grandpa and Great Grandpa as it gets. 

My hockey-loving, extremely smart, cool-as-a-cucumber Father-in-Law that always keeps people laughing at his little quirks and jokes. He always keeps my Mother-in-Law on her toes and smiling. I mean, after all, how many guys can get their tie stuck in a copy machine in the office and attract their future wife? Or was it a paper shredder? You’d think after laughing at this story 100 times I would remember it correctly… Diane?

Not our Dad per se, but my Uncle Kenny has been at every single family event since I was a baby and we love him for that! My extended family is part of the reason I dream about having a big family someday. And it never hurts having another guy around willing to spend a career dedicated to protecting and serving. 

And last but not least, my awesome door-kicking, rifle-and-mortar-shooting, soon-to-be bomb-diffusing husband. I love this man to death and he is rounding out today’s list of awesome guys in our family. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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