Birthday Party!

I feel like we’ve been in Florida forever now, but it really only has been three and a half months. Not a lot of friends and no family down here, so I figured Mitchell’s party would be pretty low-key. In all honesty, it was really nice having just our close family and friends since Mitchell is so young. AND… We had THREE birthdays to celebrate! 

1. Da-Da – Yup, we missed his birthday on June 1st so we made up for it. 2. Mitchell – Our guest of honor, of course! Our big boy turned ONE on June 20th! 3. Aunt Lindsay – Is it good luck having your kid on your best friend’s birthday? I think so! Another June 20th birthday! And she drove down from Pennsylvania to spend their shared birthday with us! 

It kind of takes the fun out of a birthday party when all of your guests are staying out of your house and watch the decorations go up. So, to solve that problem, Lindsay, Maybree, and I kicked everyone out of the house for the morning so we could get ready! We sent the boys (Hubby, Grandpa Brim, & Grandpa Martin) to the gun show across the street. That was enough to keep them entertained for more time than we needed. And it was close enough for me to go on a search-and-recover mission because my Dad and Steve wouldn’t leave. And Grandma Martin and Grandma Brim were sent to the splash pad on base with Mitchell. So no worries there. Plenty of entertainment for all, and time to decorate the house!

Theme: Construction Party!

Why? No reason in particular. Mitchell isn’t old enough to choose, it seemed very “boyish,” and orange and yellow are really fun colors! Reason enough for me! My very good husband threw in a, “I think that’s a great idea” along the way and just let me do the planning. 

“Chef Da-da” grilled us a delicious lunch!

Present opening was more of a success than I anticipated! Maybree actually helped unwrap presents (which she was completely uninterested in at her own party)… I guess eight more months makes a big difference! And Mitchell loved eating the wrapping paper… so that kind of counts, right?

These two melt my heart!

It’s a toss-up for the favorite present. Everyone was so thoughtful to give Mitchell such cute, fun toys. Steve and I got him a Little Tikes ride-along police car. We thought that was pretty great. Aunt Lindsay brought a light-up, sound-making car (that she wants everyone to know she built herself), which Mitchell has played with non-stop since we broke it out the night before his birthday. All of the grandparents brought a smorgasbord of stories and toys, that Steve and I love as much as Mitchell will. He’s stocked up on the beach towels now – something we can definitely use down here! But I will say, everyone loved Mitchell’s first Jeep sent down by Aunt Betsy! Steve and I were talking about how we wished we had found it earlier! A Jeep he can ride, that has big Lego’s to build with, and in camouflage colors? I’m pretty sure Steve wanted an adult-sized one 😉 We feel so blessed so many people were thinking about Mitchell on his birthday and love him as much as we do!

Grandpa Brim liked the “Goodnight New Hampshire” book. Can you guess who found that? Grandma and Grandpa Martin who live in New Hampshire! A state that holds a special place in all of our hearts because that’s where Steve and I first met, and got married!

Our big birthday boy was excited about his presents too 🙂 Happy 25 honey! We’re getting old!

Then it was time for the cake! I think it’s safe to say we have established a favorite cake flavor, chocolate on chocolate with chocolate frosting! He went to town!

There was no lack of pictures for the one year cake smash tradition.

Hey Aunt Lindsay – you want some birthday cake too?

 I want to give a big thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Mitchell’s first birthday! And a big shoutout to our friend Lindsay for driving allll the way to Florida on your birthday to celebrate Mitchell’s! We are so blessed to have you as a friend. I feel like just yesterday we were in Pennsylvania celebrating Maybree’s first birthday! Now, onto planning Maybree’s second birthday party 😀 Roadtrip!

Lots more excitement coming soon on the blog! Stay tuned 🙂

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